Thank you, Jerry. From all the non-huggers out here, thank you.

I don't like to hug people. I mean, there are certain specific people I will hug I like to hug. My husband, my siblings, my kid (way back when he would hug his parents), my dad, my good friends, our very special guest stars. But I do a job—I give sex advice to strangers at a safe remove—that makes a lot of people want to hug me. People I don't know. In theaters. In restaurants. In airports. Once in a public restroom and twice on a single flight. (For the record: hugging strangers makes me physically uncomfortable. I don't just find it unpleasant, I find it unnerving.)

So I was thrilled to see this video today.

A stranger-to-Jerry-Seinfeld approaches Jerry Seinfeld and asks if she can hug him. "I love you so much!", the stranger-to-Jerry-Seinfeld announces. That's what they all say. Some stranger announces that they love you and moves in for a hug. Jerry says no thanks and puts his hand up to block the incoming hug! The rebuffed hugger, as all rebuffed huggers do, refuses to take "no" for an answer. "Please," she says. "A little one!" That's usually when I usually cave. I say no the first time I'm asked but crumble the second time. Because the confusion and hurt in the huggers eyes makes me feel guilty. (And the subsequent hug makes me feel worse.) But Jerry says no! Twice! Three times! And backs away! And it was all caught on video!

You are my hero, Jerry Seinfeld, and my new role model. No more caving.

I wish the "affirmative consent" crowd would get around to addressing the entitled attitudes of all the motherhuggers out there. Some people don't want their entire bodies touched by the entire bodies of total strangers. Why is that so hard to understand? Jerry should not have had to say no to Kesha three times. Your affection for someone doesn't entitle you to intimate physical contact. That shit doesn't fly with blowjobs and it shouldn't fly with hugjobs either.