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What Would You Do If You Saw a Stranger Drop His Dog’s Poop in Your Bin?

Weapon of massive passive aggressiveness... Charles Mudede



Bins on public property are fair game.
Black bins are for garbage.
Dog poop is garbage.
The dog walker did nothing wrong.


I don't care what people put in my garbage bin as long as it doesn't cost me an extra garbage fee. What sort of person obsesses over that?



I watched a neighbor who'd always seemed really laid back and affable nearly come to blows with a random dog walking stranger who dropped a bag of dogshit in his can. Struck me as pretty bizarre, but I think a lot of people are pretty hardcore about it for whatever reason.



Good one! Funny!

I also think I'm actually w/ Charles on this one and wouldn't want a bag of shit sitting in the bottom of a can that'd likely sit there for weeks, if not months, as those cans rarely get flipped fully upside down on being emptied. Assuming the can gets stored indoors (generally a garage) or even on a patio, a fetid bag of shit will eventually have it's rank odor spread, especially in the hot summer months. I'd not want my garage or patio permeated with that stench. Unless it's my dog's shit, which smells like lavender with a subtle mint infusion.


What's the big deal Mr. Mudede? Where I live there are a lot of apartments and people walk their dogs past my apartment evert day and put their dog poop in my building' dumpster all the time; I'd rather they do that then just leave it on the ground. At least it really doesn't take up any room. It seems kind of odd though that you, a socialist, would be so possessive and not wanting to share your garbage can for such a trifling matter.


Never understand the dog poop thing. Just don’t leave it on the lawn.


The problem is that dog walkers deposit their shit bags in bins at the curb, bins that have just that day been emptied, and won’t be emptied again for at least a week. So that shit bag sits there, gets other trash piled on top of it, and very possibly degrades enough to break and smear shit all over the bin.

So, no. Fuck you. It’s your dog and thus it’s your shit, and I don’t want it.


"I would have
just thrown the
dog shit in your yard."

and passed up
the golden Opportunity
to smear it aggressively on Chas' home?

think of the shit
you couldda Writ
on his Walls if only
youdda had the Balls.

giving Back with a
Vengeance everything Chas's
taken from you Every single time
you've been Forced to consume his Art.

see you next Time.


Trash is Trash. This is super petty bullshit. Thank you for cleaning up after your dog. Please feel free to toss it in my can.


Team Charles. Seattle Garbage customer. Owner of two large dogs who produce a mountain of shit.

A lot of "it doesn't bother me to drop shit in your can, why should it bother you?" That goes the other way, too. Why can't you just take it home with you? That shit bag will likely leak and then the owner will have to smell that shit each time they use their can. Seems irresponsible to help yourself to a rate payer's can.

I don't even throw dog poop bags into my garbage can. My leaking dog shit bags sit in a dedicated lined can until trash day. I eliminate any chance of a burst or leaking bag making my trash can smell like shit.

Municipal code 21.36.440 says it's illegal but I guess folks think that's not a real law like no dogs allowed postings at public parks.


No, passive-aggressive is leaving the green bag filled with crap ON THE GROUND, as if you or I now have to find a place to properly dispose it.


@18 the code says (Unlawful use of solid waste container on private property). If the bin is out on the sidewalk or on the curb - it's fair game.

And you "don't even throw dog poop in your own garbage"??!?!?! It begs the question - WHERE DO YOU THROW IT?!?!? In your neighbors yard? At passing cars? Or do you just randomly deposit your little treasures on the sidewalk for someone else to deal with or step on (a pet peeve of mine - if you've bagged it why the fuck can't you at least throw it away - in someone's conveniently situated garbage receptacle on the curb).


@30 -- "And you [@18] 'don't even throw dog poop in your own garbage'??!?!?! It begs the question - WHERE DO YOU THROW IT?!?!?"

@18 -- "My leaking dog shit bags sit in a dedicated lined can until trash day. I eliminate any chance of a burst or leaking bag making my trash can smell like shit."

all those CAPS
Question marks
& Exclamation points

just WASTED.
such a Shame

maybe Learn
to read Better
get fuckin' Real


@22 -- '@30'?
there IS NO @30!
I think you meant @20?

learn to Proofread
you -- oh. Wait.


While I wouldn't have had a little revenge fantasy in my head about this scenario, philosophically I agree with Charles. Posts #12 and #18 explain the reasoning quite well.

If this had been an I, Anon I probably would have been praising the writing effort for a low-to-mid grade gripe.


I'm not sure whether the impulse to be passive-aggressive at the dog poop guy was actually assuaged by the vividness of the image. Because this is a much more impressive coup of passive-aggression. You've managed to be passive-aggressive at all dog walkers who throw poop bags into other people's bins, and made it absolutely certain that if the original offender recognizes that it was indeed him, he will NEVER do it again. The shuffling and heavy sighs would have made a momentary "what a dick" impression on the guy. Anonymously publicly shaming him is much more impressive.

Don't worry, Charles, you did not turn against your deep-rooted Seattle-ness. You just waited a few hours, and then weaponized it.


I'm so happy kristofarian shat on himself! And it's "getfrigginreal".

Learn to read doofus.


Whilst it is a fine essay, as usual. Charles really needs less nicotine in his system, and possibly more of the healing herb. We've working for years to get people to clean up after their dog, especially when they go on the sidewalk of other public footpaths. discouraging them from doing so is not in the public interest. I am glad you were a gentleman in this Charles, and constrained your passive-aggressive nature to your imagination.


Stranger, for crying out loud, dump Mudede. Charles, whatever the fuck you are doing wine-wise or bud-wise, just stop right now. For the love of fucking God, why must we endure


@20 Did you read the entire sentence? It distinctly calls out sidewalk.

"It is unlawful for anyone not authorized by the property owner or occupant to deposit any material in any solid waste container on private property or on a sidewalk or a planting strip abutting private property."

In my case, this event tends to occur after trash pickup while my can is waiting on the planting strip for me to get home from work.

@24 [Anthropromise Me] It hasn't leaked yet but regardless, I reserve the right to decide how to handle it. My city provided can has holes in the bottom. A leaking poop bag can leak onto the driveway and then I have two messes to clean up.

@28 I see it differently. They did the right thing for everyone but the rate payer whose garbage can they helped themselves to.


@30 Dude, you clicked through to the article, read or skimmed it, got annoyed and posted a comment. Mudede's work is accomplishing exactly what they need it to.


Normally I enjoy your columns, but this one is as full of shit as your garbage can.


It’s always fun watching a self-described Marxist assert his property rights; doubly so when assertion of those rights would inhibit the communal good of keeping the neighborhood clean.

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