Hi can I have a usage consultation from people who have this usage?
> also: bisexual doesnt necessarily mean "attracted to men & women." it can include other nonbinary genders. the "bi" isn't short for "binary"

Do you use it to mean "attracted specifically to two gender identities"? Or is it "some number more than one"? Do you mean "attracted to all gender identities", or not necessarily all, just more than one?

(Hi, if this is *not* your usage, I do not require to hear from you concerning it at this time, thanks. Also do not require to hear from Just Being Logical peeps who know the "bi" morpheme.)
As a bisexual person, what in the living fuck are we going on about here?! It's a sexual preference, not some kind of cohesive, sovereign tribe.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
America 2017: Hordes of pussies walking around searching for shit to be "offended" by, and wherein said "offense" earns you the highest amount of social accolade.
2017 Update: You may now only question the bisexuality of potential "Cool Girls". Everyone is exempt.
@2 - It's not "oh bisexuals are so easily offended" as much as "some bisexual people are tired of being left out of the equation" when LGBTQ issues, parties, news, etc is on the table.

Nothing wrong with Tweeting that we're here, we're queer, etc. ;) Plus it warmed my heart to see so many other bi folks on Twitter! I did it.

Remember, Dan once said that if we organized a bi-themed Slog happy, that he'd attend. One day I'm gonna get back out to Seattle & we should make it happen.

I Tweeted:…
I guess when you define your life by who you're boffing then I guess this would seem important- somehow----
I have no problem with bisexuals. It's Twitter that I hate. And I don't think that's because I'm old. After all, Chump uses it.
As a bisexual.My choice will not be because sex does not bogey so become wide and casual, not gay like man and you are a man will like you, not lesbian like a woman and you are a woman will go to harass you, the same as bisexual is not because we do not care about sex is equal to I like everyone. (The reason is simple or to repeatedly stressed that there is always not open eyes disgusting you) orientation sometimes I will refuse to someone else a good reason.You won't have to mess with someone who i just said on the's why I don't worry about these people.

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