Ah, the Herzog Enlightened Centrist Template in full glory again!

"Here's a liberal thing I like... except I don't... and here are a bunch of fallacies I will list as to why liberal thing and liberals are bad... and in conclusion liberal thing is a land of contrasts. The end."

And, like clockwork, this shit pile will be linked to by every troll farm on social media and the cesspools of alt-right subreddits — as they are her largest fan base.


The standards of today vs. the standards of 10 years ago? Are you serious? Anything within 10 years is contemporary!

If you said the standards of today vs. the standards of antebellum America or the Elizabethan era or some Roman dynasty, you would have a strong poont. As it is, you just sound ridiculous.


Point, not poont.

Ugh, and I even (poorly) proofread before posting.


herzog SUCKS


Cast another vote that it is ludicrous that Herzog would think calling Iragis semiliterate primitive monkeys ten years ago was OK. That's fucking crazy. Would she call them that ten years ago? Jesus Christ.


@9 "After the Media Matters report was published, Carlson refused to apologize for his past comments."


The only shift in cultural values I can think of that you might reasonably say has taken place in the past ten years is the recognition (though not acceptance) of trans issues in American mass media. And even ten years ago there still would have been an outcry when, say, Dan Savage used the slur "tranny" in a column, if not when a character uttered it in a TV police procedural.

But those slurs against Iraqis... ten years ago the reporting on the military crimes at Abu Ghraib was five years behind us already; we knew damned well what the consequences of casual bigotry looked like at that point.


@12: Oh, you mean like Sinclair or FOX TV? Did you manage to finally disengage the chew toy stuck between your teeth, muffy, or did you "oge" on another vacation? I must admit, your typos are amusing. :)
@13 blip: I must have missed that one, too. Thank you for catching that.


9: No none is saying that. Calling Carlson a dumbfuck piece of shit for being a dumbfuck piece of shit is not censorship, and it's not a hit piece. People can make up their own fucking minds about him. He's free to not apologize. "Oh my God, someone dredged up damning shit from the past to embarrass a political hack." Wow, what a crazy world we live in. Seriously, did Herzog fall off the turnip truck yesterday?


Rhetoric and sophistry aren't inherently logical just because it conforms to your ideology.


The right is brilliant at playing victim while giving no quarter to anyone else. It helps to have white "liberals" and "centrists" around to relate to you and speak for your rights and condemn the left while you spew sewage all day.

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