No, of course Bret Stephens isn’t a climate denier, he just wrote a column telling people that they should be more skeptical of the accepted science and proceeded to ignore the increasingly terrifying evidence of approaching climate catastrophe in favor of writing more columns about campus politics. People did read the article Katie, but unlike you they don’t accept everything conservative hacks say at face value.

Speaking of which do you have any comment on your stenography for Proud Boy propagandist Andy Ngo? Or your beloved phrenology defenders Quillette getting taken in by an obviously fake takedown of the DSA, and in fact embellishing the article?


Uhm... Bret Stephens is Jewish. A huge part of the Nazi Germany's final solution, its starting point in fact, was systematic dehumanization of Jewish people by comparing them to, and calling them, vermin like rats, fleas, and bedbugs.

I'd be sensitive about that shit too after 6 million deaths.


Katie, you can safely disregard the impertinent questions in @1.


Bitching on Katie won't make your teeny tiny microdick any bigger.


This dark age of journalism isn't going to end until "professional conduct" in the trade includes "zero social media."

We could start by spiking any story that's about nothing real, and just recaps whatever bullshit happened on social media yesterday afternoon.

Retweeting is not reporting. Paraphrased retweeting is not reporting. Getting a quote about a paraphrased retweet is not reporting. A Facebook account is not a source. Internet drama is not news.


" In fact, something similar happened this week in Seattle."

Oh for fuck sake. It's not "similar" other than they were both using digital technologies.

Christ almighty. Wanye Lynch was emailing a person DIRECTLY and kept on doing it after he was asked to stop. Which is harassment regardless of the content. David Karpf sent a tweet out into the ether not even tagging Stephens.

One is like me yelling across town you're a disingenuous LezBro moron and the other like me showing up at your house over and over doing it. Which would YOU rather some one do, Katie?

How much longer do we have to suffer these "Here's this one thing that liberal are mad about and here is this other thing, that if you squint real hard and are a total dipshit, is almost sort of like it. So why aren't liberals mad at that, huh, how come, huh, why?" pieces?

I will say one thing. Herzog is so consistent in her formula that her Enlightened Centrist put pieces almost feel like she's some Markov Text generator.


7 - I appreciate your apology.


Did you really spend the entire afternoon writing a post on a local Twitter spat?


@9: Such exercises that you describe as "How much longer do we have to suffer...." were once described in academic circles as "thinking outside the box."


@12 That's middle-management self-help books and motivational speakers, Feebs, not academia. Academics, at various points in the past half-century-plus, used words like "reconceptualize" and "paradigm shift" and "changing perspective" and "deconstruct" or just "ideological reframing."


@13: Well then I guess my former Mass Communications professor (in the 70's) who used the term is an exception to your generalization.


@14 Ah, I see, you were a Communications major.

Well I suppose the middle managers and motivational speakers have to come from somewhere, too, don't they.


@9: “...Lynch was emailing a person DIRECTLY and kept on doing it after he was asked to stop. Which is harassment regardless of the content.”

Bingo. Abuse of private communication channels to harass has never been protected as free speech, for obvious reasons. That’s why it’s long been a federal offense to send threatening letters via the US Mail.

In addition to this all being a non-story, exactly as @8 describes, it even begins with the most tired cliche of non-stories in American media: privileged right-wing snowflakes whining about how their precious views are being less-than-venerated by people who’ve heard it all said before (and better).


Same as it always was. The right wingers are the true P.C. police and always have been. They just couch their whining in pretend victimhood.


Ah yes the Alpha that gets paid 6 figures to writes stories from an air conditioned office about how millennials are pussies that need a safe space is upset someone called him a metaphorical bedbug. This is definitely done in good faith and everyone should take a hard look at themselves.


This is about more than these two journalists' experiences. This is about the sorry state of what's now considered normal, acceptable behavior in the US today.

We continue to act like spoiled, petulant children who expect to be catered to no matter how old we become. I've got a hunch this might be yet more negative fallout from lives lived so much online. Our sense of self-importance because we get likes or followers is out of proportion to our level of UN-importance out in the real world.

We fire off things in an e-mail or Tweet or post or comment we'd never have the cajones to tell someone to their face. There's no risk of an uppercut to the jaw from the recipient of our childish insults and tantrums.

And complaining to someone's boss in a situation such as those described? That's analogous to whining to someone's parent, "Bobby hit me," or, "Kimmie keeps picking on me," hoping Mommy or Daddy will punish his or her child. This is behavior that should be outgrown by the time we get to high school.


Thing is, with Bret Stephens, a week or so before that his colleague Frank Bruni wrote in one of his pieces about how the medical issues he is going through are his own fault because he is gay. Frank lost his sight in one eye and could lose it in another. He had gotten emails from some people telling him he deserved to go fully blind for being gay and swimming in a sea of sin. You know, the typical evangelical shit.

Frank wrote about how it wasn't worth letting them get him down.

One bit of stupid tweeting referencing Bret and he goes full into snowflake meltdown.

Would love to have one of his women colleagues forward a week of their hate email/tweets to him so he could maybe get a sense of proportion.


Today's NYT: someone called Bret Stephens a bedbug so he googled "Jews as bedbugs" to reverse-engineer a column calling his critics Nazis, forgot to clear the search and declined to note that the citation did not substantiate the anti-Semitic connotation he based his column on.

Totally normal. Cool, cool, cool, cool.

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