A Man Called Ove

Special Presentations | 2015 | 116 minutes

This film is the winner of the SIFF 2016 Golden Space Needle Award for best actor (Rolf Lassgård).

SIFF Says:

Adapted from the bestselling novel by Fredrik Backman, A MAN CALLED OVE is already a runaway success in its native Sweden, the fifth most popular locally made feature in the country’s history. Now it’s time for the United States to fall for the titular curmudgeon. Ove (Rolf Lassgård, AFTER THE WEDDING) is a 59-year-old grump who has gone through his small, suburban life correcting other people’s mistakes, minor shortcomings that seem blasphemous to the fastidious, routine-obsessed man. His wife has recently passed away, and Ove has vowed to take his own life to join her—if only his suicide attempts weren’t so roundly (and comically) obstructed. Enter Parvaneh (Bahar Pars) and Patrik (Tobias Almborg), the new couple next door who accidentally destroy Ove’s mailbox and invite his special brand of ire. But what starts as an embattled relationship slowly changes, and as the three of them grow closer, an unexpected friendship emerges. Director Hannes Holm, famous for adapting the long-running children’s book series “Sune” for the big screen, again finds the beating heart of his source material, especially in the extended flashback sequences that inform Ove’s current state of being. By deftly handling the novel’s tone without resorting to unearned schmaltz, Holm helps A MAN CALLED OVE become a genuine crowd-pleaser.

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Film Credits
Hannes Holm
Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars, Filip Berg, Ida Engvoll
SIFF 2016