2018 | 115 minutes | Rated R

In 2014, Alex Garland, a British screenwriter closely associated with the British director Danny Boyle, released his first film, Ex Machina. The slick techno thriller might be compared with an episode of Black Mirror, but it is not. Ex Machina is a slow and very thoughtful work that doesn’t dabble in dualism. Garland’s second film as a director is Annihilation. It’s based on the first novel of a trilogy of the same name by the American sci-fi author Jeff VanderMeer, and it stars Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac, who had a lead role in Ex Machina. What everyone wants to see in Garland’s second work is proof that the greatness of his first was not a fluke.


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Film Credits
Alex Garland
Natalie Portman, Jennifer Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Isaac, Benedict Wong, David Gyasi, Sonoya Mizuno, John Schwab