Documentary Films | 2017 | 70 minutes

Stranger Says:

“Contrary to popular opinion, most homosexuals don’t look any different from anyone else.” Thus begins this hour-long montage of queer news, cinema, and culture over the past 100 years. Beginning with 1919’s Different from the Others and moving through newsreels about underground gay communities, queer liberation, the AIDS crisis, the fight for marriage equality, trans rights, and more, the archival footage spans the evolution of queerness as a perversion—something secret, taboo, criminal—to something as ordinary as Seattle rain. Set to music by John Grant and Hercules & Love Affair, the film isn’t narrated so much as it is sung. Catch it if you like extended music videos—if not, skip it and head to the gay bar instead.

SIFF Says:

A century of the LGBTQ experience in the United Kingdom is lyrically illustrated through montages of vintage film and TV footage culled from the vaults of the British Film Institute and interwoven with the music of John Grant (The Czars) and Hercules & Love Affair.

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Film Credits
Daisy Asquith
SIFF 2018