The Wild


Northwest Connections | 2019 | 60 minutes

Stranger says: In 2014's The Breach, director Mark Titus addressed the salmon crisis in the Northwest United States—in particular, in Bristol Bay in Alaska, where a Canadian mining company threatened the ecosystem where sockeye salmon thrived. When The Breach was screened, the battle seemed to be over; the mining company lost. But now Trump is in office, and Bristol Bay is threatened once again. The Wild tells this new story.

SIFF says: In 2014, Mark Titus' THE BREACH documented the struggle to keep a copper mine from destroying the wild salmon fishing industry in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Then a sociopath became president. This follow-up doc outlines the continuing battle.


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Film Credits
Mark Titus
Tom Douglas, Zaria Forman, Mark Harmon, Tom Colicchio, Yvon Chouinard
SIFF 2019