#Female Pleasure


Documentary Films | 2018 | 97 minutes

Stranger Says: Women in the US and other Western nations owe a lot to feminist movements. Not only are we no longer considered the property of a man, we can actually vote, run for office, own real estate, not get legally raped by our husbands, and (at least at this moment) have abortions. Women elsewhere haven’t been so lucky, and this is painfully apparent in #Female Pleasure, the 2018 documentary by Swiss director Barbara Miller that focuses on how women’s sexuality is viewed in places where women are treated more like it’s the 6th century than the 21st. It also examines the fundamentally unfair and destructive ways that female pleasure and male pleasure are viewed in these societies. The film profiles five women who have emerged from under the heavy weight of inequality to find some kind of liberation. Read an extended review of this film at thestranger.com. (KATIE HERZOG)

SIFF Says: Hasidic Jew, Muslim, Shinto Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu: The five repression-battling women profiled in this doc come from different religious backgrounds but find that patriarchal fear of female sexual autonomy is universal.


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Film Credits
Barbara Miller
Deborah Feldman, Vithika Yadav, Rokudenashiko, Leyla Hussein, Doris Wagner
SIFF 2019