In Fabric


WTF | 2018 | 119 minutes

Stranger Says: We’ve seen inanimate objects that become carriers of evil—from cars to houses to dolls to a VHS tape. But what about a dress? Peter Strickland’s homage to giallo (Italian horror films) is a dark satire about consumerism that follows a cursed, life-destroying garment (killer couture!) after its latest victim/owner, Sheila (played by the great British actor Marianne Jean-Baptiste), purchases it from a department store that happens to be run by witches. The LA Times calls it “a movie of ravishing colors and textures that ultimately elevates style and sensuality into something genuinely meaningful.” (LEILANI POLK)

SIFF Says: Put on this cursed red dress and you may be literally dressed to kill in this fetishistically stylized hommage to giallo that satirizes consumerism as hypnotically as it seduces your senses.


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Film Credits
Peter Strickland
Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Hayley Squires, Leo Bill, Julian Barratt, Fatma Mohamed, Gwendoline Christie, Steve Oram
SIFF 2019