Who Let the Dogs Out


Face the Music | 2019 | 70 minutes

Stranger Says: I always thought it was obvious who let the dogs out: the Baha Men. But in this documentary, artist and cultural curator Ben Sisto proves that the answer is a bit more complicated than that. Who Let the Dogs Out explores the knotty history of that song, going from London to Trinidad to Miami to Michigan to get to the bottom of who truly came up with the earwormy hook. And though sometimes the short doc reaches for deeper, weightier meaning, it explores creativity and ownership rather well. By the end, you’ll have that song stuck in your head, possibly forever! (JASMYNE KEIMIG)

SIFF Says: Brent Hodge (FREAKS & GEEKS: THE DOCUMENTARY, A BRONY TALE) is back with another wonderful pop-culture chronicle, this time about the battle over who truly owns the ubiquitous titular Baha Men earworm.


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Film Credits
Brent Hodge
Ben Sisto, Isaiah Taylor, Steve Greenberg, Jonathan King, Keith Wainwright
SIFF 2019