NEAR 'BOUT ANNUALLY, BELLINGHAM-BASED ESTRUS Records sports a weekend full o' afternoon B-movies 'n' nightly performances by bands currently listed on they roster, known as thee Garage Shock! Often, and most importantly (least in the past), these shows'd feature a one 'n' ONLY domestic showin' o' foreign action! Fuck, EVERYBODY wanted to go, folks'd come from all over wif nuthin' but HOPE fer gittin' a ticket.

But in the last couple years the label's evolved, or maybe it was jus' the "great fire," when the Estrus warehouse went up in flames and everything was lost, but there has been a shift in taste to "heavier" sounds. Now, CHANGE ain't NEVER "bad," but most folks diggin' what was once to BE dug, fer all intents and purposes, seem to be "gone." Like, recently, in passin' conversation, if'n I'd mention this year's Garage Shock, most folks responded initially sooprised--not figgerin' it'd be happenin'--followed by gruff indifference. Damn.

Welp, it IS happenin', and y'all stinker-poos might wanna know when I got MY eye ball on le' G-Shock's line up, it looked fine. (Mind y'all tho', these IS lean times, but if I'd the money 'n' time....) Welp, anyways, fo' those interested, I'll do my bes' to drop down the word, as it has been so lovin'ly dropped on down to me!

Okay, beatin' off o' the first evenin'--tha's Friday May 28--is Watts, Crider's own dreamy 'n' steamy metal band, and the howlin' Coyotemen--kids all Toe Ragged 'n' from the U.K. THEN, now fer damn sure DO NOT step to the Ranch Room fer a swigga corn mash 'n' MISS these pretty French maids inna ROW, Thundercrack. They got SOLID R&B slop! BUT 'at ain't ALL: "I dunno know why the 'kids' lerb 'em" but, DUDE, when I shut mine eyes, like, totally I was at the Fillmore, 19 'n' 70... tha's the Zen Guerilla Revival! Then, scheduled to STOMP second to LAST, the Canookered "garage" boys, the Von Zippers, who gotta way wif pop, and finishin'll be instro-gators o' MAYHEM Man or Astroman? They... uh, outta this world!

Now, pray you find a "second wind," 'cause this night, Saturday May 29, gonna test the limits o' the "garage" uh... "test," as it mostly dedicated to the "heavier" side of the label. From Finland there'll be the Flaming Sideburns, and the Sewer Grooves, as well as a group o' smartly dressed boys from Jersey with a solid stateside interpretation o' '60s mod pop (yer guess is as good as mine as to how they got onna cock ROCK night), the Insomniacs. Next, the pride o' the Lone Star state, uh-huh... the steady ROCKIN' Sugar Shack. And how could we fo'get the smooth soundin' "punk" (think Birdman) o' the Nomads?

Lastly, if'n at the midnight hour you still hollerin' fer mo', mo', MO'... there'll be EVERYBODY'S fave Swedish heaviest o' heavy metal bashers... the Hellacopters.

Wrappin' up the weekend on Sunday May 30, we got the "garager... punker" side o' Estrus... featurin' Estrella 20/20, who from Jay-pan--NEED I say mo'? From Seattle, the noisy Choco-latte Watchband/MC5-damaged HEAT o' the Gimmicks WILL be turned on, plus dirgy, "non-linear" rock 'n' rollin' o' the Fireballs of Freedom, along with some heavy hittin' 1-2-3 punch o' the Quadrajets. Finally, this party will be officially endin', like it'd end any other way, wif the meaty boom o' the R&B evolution REVOLUTION... the Lord High Fixers! Featurin', jus' so's y'all know, Mr. Tim Kerr: hands down, the schweetest man in the bidness o' show!

Now, alla the weekend's fun sound like a temptin' blowout, BUT you gotta up'n get yer tickets FAST. It all happens at the 3B Tavern and the place is teensy-weensy. Tickets are available ONLY on the day o' the show--25 bones per--startin' at 9:30 a.m. at 3V Records! Course if you do miss out, the Ranch... uh, I MEAN... the RANDY Room, 'round the corner, is ALWAYS worth a stop fer the UNBELIEVABLE low price o' tha likker dranks!

Anyways, as mosta y'all might recollect, Seattle got a "response" featurin' G-shock bands on their off nights, hosted by the Crocodile... duh, Crockshock. Hell YES... no drivin' and we can git lit onna likker, unlike the "beer only" 3B. Unfortunately, this year we get only one night o' Crockshock--Wednesday May 26. Okay, so WHAT "crums" are we, the "too lazy 'n' po' to git to Bellin'ham," o' the Emerald shitty, gonna get? DAMN... nuthin' less than the fab Thundercrack, Gimmicks, Coyotemen, and the Flamin' Sideburns! Also, there an evenin', Thursday May 27, at the Showbox (ShowShock?, BoxShock? GarageBox?) featurin' the Hellacopters, Zen Guerilla, Quadrashits, Nomads... hey, why ain't nobody doin' an afternoon at the Velvet Elvis?

The 3B Tavern is located at 1226 N. State St. in Bellingham. Telephone: 360-734-1881. Tickets available day of show only at 3V Records, 1211 N. State St. (across the street from the 3B Tavern), beginning at 9:30 a.m.