BAD ALBERT'S--Brian Butler, free

* CATWALK--Madame Peabody's School of Dance w/ DJ El Toro, $6

CENTRAL SALOON--Epigene, Aantena, Ashbury Park, $5

CONOR BYRNE'S--Raybone, free

CROCODILE CAFE--Mayfly, Bijou (CD release), Beautiful Soup, $6

DUBLINER--Andrew Norsworthy, free

FLOYD'S PLACE--Combo Craig

GALWAY ARMS--Charlie Post

HOPVINE--Kareem Kandi w/ Will Blair & Jacques Willis

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--The Insults, Lance Hofsted, the Janeways, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Dr. John, $23.50/$27.50

LARRY'S--Relic, Fantastic 4, The Color Red, Handsome Devils, $5

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Tiger Zane, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Al Foul & the Shakes, free

LOCK AND KEEL--The Tangents, free

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--The Ham Carson Quintet, free

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Sweet Juice

PINK DOOR--Lonnie Williams Trio, free

RAIN DANCER--Damaged, free

RAINBOW--Three Deuces, Ripley, $5

* RE-BAR--Pho Bang!, $6

SAFFRON COW--Carrie Clark

SCARLET TREE--Das Root w/ Reggie Watts, P.K., $6


* SHOWBOX--Le Tigre, Chicks on Speed, Tammy Hart (7 pm, all ages), $12/$14

SIT & SPIN--Eclectica: Two Loons For Tea

ST. CLOUDS--The Ptarmigans

THOMPSON'S--Blue Gypsies, free

TOI--Moodswings: Danya w/ DJ Killabee, free

TosT--Kym Tuvim, Lara Michell, Christopher Blue, $6

TRACTOR TAVERN--The Shitkickers, Steve Okimoto & the Big O Gang, $6


ZAK'S--Anasabin, Leven, $4


BACCANO--Brian Nova Trio, free

BAIT-HOUSE--Rep Tet, $3

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Grindring, Humbolt Draw, $7

BALTIC ROOM--Jumbalaya

BLUE MOON TAVERN--Joe Bowbeer Irish Experience

BOHEMIAN BACKSTAGE--Alex Duncan & the Revolutionary Dream Band, $10

CAFE VENUS--Machete, $5

* CENTRAL SALOON--Pyro Class Flow, Low End, Stella 7, $8/$10

COFFEE MESSIAH--The Binge (8 pm, all ages), $4

CONOR BYRNE'S--Suffering Gaels, $4

CONTOUR--Trio de Janeiro

CORNER INN--Kimball Conant & the Fugitives, free

CROCODILE CAFE--Tinn Lizzy, In Color, Used Cars, $8

DOC MAYNARD'S--The Beatniks, $10

* DOWNTOWN YMCA--The Building Press, Vermilion, Deception Pass (8 pm, all ages), $5

DUBLINER--Ray Carney

FADO--Kennedy Brothers

FIDDLER'S INN--Segrid Lee, $2


GALWAY ARMS--Acoustic Blues Revue

GRACELAND--Redneck Girlfriend, Amazombies, Dollar Store Cowboys, Nasty On, $8

GRATEFUL BREAD--Laurie Geltman, $10/$12

HURRICANE CAFE--60 Cycle Hum, $5

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Horrible, Tarantulada, Soon It Will Destroy Her, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Dr. John, $23.50/$27.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Jimmy Thackery

LITTLE RED HEN--Buckaroo Blues, free

MOLLY McGUIRE'S--Carl Funk, free

MOORE THEATRE--FareStart benefit w/ Heart, William Topley, $30/$75

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Canoofle (8 pm, all ages)

MULLEADY'S PUB--That, Social Studies, free

MURPHY'S PUB--Whiskey & the Devil, Low Grounders, $2

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Little Bill & the Bluenotes, $10

* OLD FIRE HOUSE (REDMOND)--The Velvet Teen, Hourglass Lake, Bras Lux, Dolour (8 pm, all ages), $5

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Cambalache, $10

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Clay Pipe

* PARADOX THEATER--Carrie Beil (CD release), Biography of Ferns, Allison Williams, Daniel Reed (7 pm, all ages), $7

RAIN DANCER--Ellen Says No, Zeus Storage, $5

RAINBOW--Organica, Ashbry Park, Brothers of Max Catharsis, $6


SCARLET TREE--Groove Box, $7

SECOND AVENUE PIZZA--Hippies in Flames (8 pm, all ages), free

* SIT & SPIN--Dead Moon, Girl Trouble, Dirty Birds, $7

ST. CLOUDS--Alice Stuart

STEEL SKY--DJ D-Cypol, DJ Nato

* SUNSET TAVERN--Def Leprechaun, $5

SWEDISH CLUB--Garfield Jazz Ensembles, $10

* TACOMA DOME--Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, $40.50/$151

* THE FLOPHAUS--Harum Scarum, Free Verse, Dead by Dawn, High Priests of Panic (7:30 pm, all ages), $3

* THEATER OFF JACKSON--Poseur, Charming Snakes, the Turn-Ons (8 pm, all ages), $6

TOMMY'S--Pataha, DC & the Washingtons, Fry, $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--Tony Furtado, $10

ZAK'S--Slim Pickens, the Chachis, the Daryls, $5


BAD ALBERT'S--Chris Stevens & Greg Roberts, $2

BAIT-HOUSE--The Fairly Honest Jazz Band, $5

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Late Summer People, Wild Life, Tilted Blue & Colonel, Double Shot, $7

BLACKTHORNE VILLAGE PUB--Bernie Jacobs Jazz Quintet, $3

BLUE MOON TAVERN--Identity Crisis, free

BOHEMIAN BACKSTAGE--Everton Blender, $10

CAFE SOLSTICE--Paula Maya (7 pm, all ages), free

CAFE VENUS--The Drews, Jim Sykes, $5

* CATWALK--The Romantics, Roxy Lopez, $14.50/$16

CENTRAL SALOON--Wiseacre, the Whole Bolivian Army, Sweet Tea, $8/$10

* COFFEE MESSIAH--The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (8 pm, all ages), free

CONOR BYRNE'S--Spindrift, $3

CORNER INN--Kimball Conant & the Fugitives, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--William Topley, Kim Virant, $12/$15

DOC MAYNARD'S--The Black Vinyl Allstars, $10

DUBLINER--Donegal Ramblers

FADO--Clumsy Lovers

FIDDLER'S INN--Toad Jam, $2

FLAME--Myndset, $5


GRACELAND--Dimmu Borgir, Cryptopsy, Krisiun, Diabolic, DJs Skull & Bones (5:30 pm, all ages), $15

* GRACELAND--Toilet Boys, Cookie, Load Levelers (10 pm), $8

GROUND ZERO (BELLEVUE)--1st Platoon, 500 Years (7 pm, all ages), $5

HIGHLINER--Chix & Sticks, free

I-SPY--The Rebelz, Nuffsed, 100th Monkey, Organik Produce, $8

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Burning Cindy's, Squat, Bucky's Dilema, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Dr. John, $23.50/$27.50

LARRY'S--Korla Wygal & Her Private Reserve, $10

LITTLE RED HEN--Buckaroo Blues, free

* LOBO INN--Caught Red Handed, Playland, Free Verse

LOCK AND KEEL--Eaton-Hogg, the Gift Machine, $2

MARINA PARK GRILL (KIRKLAND)--Joanne Klein & Victor Janusz

MOLLY McGUIRE'S--Eight Hands, free

MONA'S--Urban Oasis, free

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Green Tea (8 pm, all ages), $6

MULLEADY'S PUB--The Government, free

MURPHY'S PUB--Lil Puddin, $3

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Little Bill & the Bluenotes, $10

O'SHEA'S--Blue Daddy

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Bradbury Press, $5

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Owl & Thistle Band

* PARADOX THEATER--Rocky Votolato, Engine Down, Troops, Smokers Die Younger (8 pm, all ages), $8

PARAGON--Lady A & the Baby Blues Band, free

PATTI SUMMERS'--Los Peligrosos, the Jersey Sweep & the Burbanks, $3

PINK DOOR--Miles and Karina, free

RAIN DANCER--3 Shades of Grey, Bijou, $5

RAINBOW--Ten Ton Chicken, Flowmotion, $7


ROCKSPORT--Big Pete & Orin benefit w/ Shaftgasket MTF, Braindead, $5

SCARLET TREE--Phase One, $7

SECOND AVENUE PIZZA--Leigh Wilkinson (8 pm, all ages), free

SERAFINA--Leo Raymundo

SHARK CLUB (KIRKLAND)--2000 Degrees, $10

* SHOWBOX--Dashboard Confessional, the Anniversary, Ben Kweller, Legends of the Rodeo (6 pm, all ages), $12.50

* SIT & SPIN--Kultur Shock

SONIC BOOM RECORDS (BALLARD)--Ben Kweller (2 pm, all ages), free

ST. CLOUDS--Orville Johnson

STEEL SKY--Jeff Kanzler, the Tommies, Little LuAnn

* SUNSET TAVERN--RC5, the Popular Shapes, the Pharmacy, $6

* THEATER OFF JACKSON--Home Alive benefit w/ Tart, Sinestro, Olivia Mendez (8 pm, all ages), $6

TOMMY'S--Mayfly, the Bend, the Northern Souls, $5

TosT--The Combustion Collective, $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--Tony Furtado, $10

ZAK'S--Jesus Chords, Tarantulada, guests, $5


ACORN--Andrea Dupree, David Pascal, Greg Fulton

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--China Davis, Nigel & Mustafa, Sub-Motive (4 pm, all ages), $7



CATWALK--The Romantics, Roxy Lopez, $14.5/$16

CENTRAL SALOON--Handsome Devil, the Color Red, Point Defiance (CD release), $5

CHINA JADE--Dennis Shadduck, free

CONOR BYRNE'S--Raybone, McSorley's Reeks, Suffering Gaels, Ravensrell, $15

DUBLINER--Brandi Carlile, Donegal Ramblers, Whiskey & the Devil

EMP--Charlie Musslewhite, John Hammond, Little Charlie & the Nightcats (8 pm, all ages), $20/$22

FADO--Olivar Mulholland, Gordies Byre, Elliott Bay Pipe Band, the Dolomites


FLOYD'S PLACE--Jennifer Savage

GALWAY ARMS--Owl 'n' Thistle Band, Bof Rockets, Rick Usleton

* GRACELAND--St. Bushmill's Choir, Stagger Lee, Elliott Bay Pipe Band, $8


I-SPY--Circus Contraption, Mandonna w/ Pacific Hardcore Championship Wrestling Theatre Troupe, $17

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--The Jersey Sweep, Steve Kim, Liquid Voodoo, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Dr. John, $23.50/$27.50

* KING CAT THEATER--Herbie Hancock: future 2 future, the NEWDEAL, $40

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Rogers Rogers Band, $5

LITTLE RED HEN--Jerry & the Philbillys, free

MOLLY McGUIRE'S--Eight Hands, Carl Funk, the Raybone Experience

MULLEADY'S PUB--Ray Carney, Bog Rockets, Spinnin' Dervish, $7

MURPHY'S PUB--The Shams, the Suffering Gaels, Whisky & the Devil, Clay Pipe Band, $10

PARAGON--Brandi Carlile, free

* PARAMOUNT THEATRE--Pat Metheny Group, $35/$60

RAIN DANCER--Run For Cover, $2

RAINBOW--Scott Law Band, $6


SHOWBOX GREEN ROOM--Amy Blaschke w/ Erin Tate, $3

SIT & SPIN--Johnny No Goods, the Wannabes, $6

ST. CLOUDS--Merle Haggis & the Drifting Highlanders

SUNSET TAVERN--Adam, Daren, Ty Willman & friends tribute to Jason from SP Unlimited, $5

TEMPERO DO BRASIL--Trio de Janeiro

* TOWN HALL--Real Change benefit w/ Bill Frisell & Greg Leisz, $20


BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Down Pipe, Dirty American, guests, $5

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS--Brian Nova & Funk 69

CONTOUR--Urban Tongue w/ Tiffany Wilson, DJ Rockaphella

* CROCODILE CAFE--Ed Harcourt, Rocky Votolato

* EASY STREET RECORDS (WEST SEATTLE)--Ed Harcourt (4 pm, all ages), free

* GRACELAND--Monday-Funday: 90 Day Men, the New Mexicans, DJ Dan Gallucci, $3

HOPVINE--Christopher Blue, Lara Mitchell, $2

I-SPY--Siamese Fonz, Koonda Holaa & the Beetchees, Lamplighter, Yoko Phono

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--The Alice Stuart Band, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--JanisSiegel w/ Eric Reed Trio, $16.50/$18.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--The Enders Brothers Band

LOBO SALOON--GuFF, Brody, Six Beer Bladder

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--The New Orleans Quintet, free

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Brazilian Jazz Collective, $3

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Karl Haug's Open mic

RAINBOW--Oxygen Lounge: Canoofle, Vena Cava, Arrington de Dionyso, $5

SONIC BOOM RECORDS (BALLARD)--90 Day Men (6 pm, all ages), free


ST. CLOUDS--Tom Bennett & the Rolling Blackouts

SUNSET TAVERN--Knitting Factory: Joe Doria, John Wicks, Michael Powers, $5


AVENUE ONE--Woody Woodhouse, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Avadguard, Dan & Bobby, $5

COFFEE MESSIAH--Cognitive Dissidents: Locus Productions Ensemble, Paul Hood (8 pm, all ages), free

* CROCODILE CAFE--Neo, Me Infecto, Iffy, $6

* GRACELAND--Hot Rod Circuit, Further Seems Forever, Vendetta Red, Super Magnificent Action Trio (6 pm, all ages), $10

IRISH EMIGRANT--Jam on White Bread

J&M CAFE--Rockaraoke, free

JAZZ ALLEY--Terence Blanchard Quintet, Monk Fellows Septet, $14.50/$18.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--The Tim Turner Band, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Tommy Westley & Don Kellogg, free

LULU'S--Tim Friedlander Quartet

MEANY THEATER--Ahn Trio: Ahn-Plugged, $30

MOORE THEATRE--Alien Ant Farm, Adema, Fenix TX, Glassjaw, Earshot, $19.50

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Joy Mills (8 pm, all ages)

NATION--Futomaru (live triphop), $6

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--File Gumbo Zydeco Band, free

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--John Bishop, $3

OWL 'N' THISTLE--B-bop & Destruction

* PARAMOUNT THEATRE--Rob Zombie, Snisstar, the Damned, $27

PINK DOOR--Tony Yazzolino & Steve Kemke, free

RAIN DANCER--Singer/Songwriter Showcase, free

RAINBOW--Hair of the Dog, $5

* RE-BAR--Local 101: Akimbo, Not in the Face, Tasty Gore, $5


SONIC BOOM RECORDS (BALLARD)--Further Seems Forever (5 pm, all ages)

SUNSET TAVERN--Romales, $5

TEMPERO DO BRASIL--Marco de Carvalho

* TRACTOR TAVERN--Drums & Tuba (9:30), $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--Neal Pollack (reading) w/ Nancyboys (7 pm), free

VOGUE--The Vicious Dolls




BAD ALBERT'S--Henry Cooper, free

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Orange Balloon, Ruckerstomp, Primrose XO, $5

BIT SALOON--Rambling Roberts

BOHEMIAN CAFE--15 Minutes of Fame Talent Search

CENTRAL SALOON--Atma, San Pedro Circus, Transatlantic Ice Floe, $5

CROCODILE--Paul Kelly, guests, $13/$15

* GRACELAND--Califone, Mighty Flashlight, Terror Sheets, $8

I-SPY--Skylobby, Nu Soltribe, D.E.C. Lab, DJs Nori, Ms. Brauss w/ fashion show, $8

JAZZ ALLEY--Terence Blanchard Quintet, Monk Fellows Septet, $14.50/$18.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Chris White All Star Jam, $5

* LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Soulsonic Wednesdays: The Urban Scribes Project, free


* MOORE THEATRE--Ben Folds, the Divine Comedy, $20

* NATION--AM/FM: Roman w/ DJ Colin, Jeremiah Green

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Floyd Standifer, free


OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Crazy Go Toy, free

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Big Stick

PARAGON--Rumba Abierta, free

PARAMOUNT THEATRE--No Doubt, the Faint, $30

PINK DOOR--The Julie Cascioppo Experience, free

RAINBOW--B-Side Players, $5

SCARLET TREE--Funk Fusion, $5

ST. CLOUDS--Jamil Scherief

* SUNSET TAVERN--Rockaraoke w/ the Legendary George Jefferson Starship, $5

TOI--Buckshot Jazz Trio, free

* TRACTOR TAVERN--Wanda Jackson, the Donettes, $12