My new excuse for a Stranger music column is called The Band. The idea here is that there are a lot of funny, opinionated, pissed-off, hyperactive bands in Seattle and we want to cram as many of their opinions in the paper as possible. The Band is the place where musicians are gonna have their say (in 350 words or less) about whatever they want--local music, bookers, clubs, crack dealers, toilet stalls, whatever. If a band sends in something intelligible, we'll try to print it. If you play music in this city and wanna go off about something, e-mail And P.S... It's My Party didn't head to the slaughterhouse-- Kathleen Wilson's just on break for two weeks.


What's happened to the underground scene? Is it too deep to find? Do the cliques in every booking town control the crowds? Artists like JESUS LIZARD, BIG BLACK, BLONDIE, RICHARD HELL, SONIC YOUTH, AND MUDHONEY show proof of underground movements in the past. So what's wrong with Blink 182 and the Green Days of today? Everything! They're proof that dinosaurs are still at the helm of most big-label record companies. They're on a quest for the next big thing and of course it doesn't matter if it's good, it just matters if it sells. Why is our underground scene at a loss in the Northwest? Is it the people, or is it who controls what the people see?

From your angle of this situation, you'd think we were mad and don't get a lot of shows in the Northwest. Nope, our band does just fine, but I know how it is when you need that first chance to shine. If the powers that be reject your sounds in this region, just become friends with them, then they'll let you play at their club. Then this is where you come out as a G. G. Allin tribute band and fuck up everything in the club (a G. G. Allin tribute band.... This could be a great idea for the Northwest music scene). Start your own scene. Forget the bookers whose egos blow their heads around this town. If it weren't for our sounds, they'd be pushing some carts downtown looking for somewhere to pee. No one can control music or what people want to listen to. It's the power of music. It will outlast your friends, your pets, and hopefully this planet. So when they say, "Call next week," go punch out their teeth, 'cause they're robbing us of a scene that we so badly need. TOM BARRETT (Singer/Guitarist for Neb!, Proprietor of I'll Sue Ya If Ya Use It Music!)

Look for Neb!'s demo CD Revo at Sonic Boom or Cellophane Square. New full-length due out in June.