I know I've been talking about Ground Zero a lot lately (with its nine-year anniversary happening earlier this month and all), but it really wouldn't be fair to ignore the club's third-ever Anti-Beauty Pageant, now, would it?

Seeing as how (duh) I'm a girl and I like art and music, I can really get behind Ground Zero for hosting a weekend-long festival celebrating women who are involved in the arts (especially since March is officially National Women's History month!). And like the club's past successful Anti-Beauty Pageants (the first occurred in August of 2000), this one involves almost every aspect of art. Music, photography, painting, design, writing... you name it, GZ has it covered.

The ABP officially begins on Friday, February 28, at the Vera Project, where girl-powered bands like the No-No's, Visqueen, Ms. Led, and Paxil Rose will rock the commencement of the festivities.

Then, all day Saturday and Sunday, girls (of all ages, of course) can join in on a variety of workshops being held at Ground Zero. The packed schedule offers how-tos on everything from basic maintenance and assemblage of your skate- or snowboard to working effectively with elected officials. Also included are sessions on vegan cooking, songwriting, rock photography, fashion design, and fiction writing. For a full schedule and for preregistration--which is recommended, since the workshops will fill up--call Ground Zero at 425-452-6118, or e-mail gzmusic@hotmail.com.

Oh, and besides all the kick-ass workshops Ground Zero has organized, the place has also booked a ton of bands. On Saturday night, to keep the good vibes going, Tara Hardy, C.O.C.O., Amy Mahardy, Beyond Reality, and many others take the stage. The weekend wraps up on Sunday evening with the Apocalypsticks, Free Verse, Anna Oxygen, Shoplifting, Ms. Led, and guests (both shows are at 6:00 p.m. at Ground Zero).

As if that weren't enough, there will also be an art gallery showcasing work by local artists, and an open jam space for girls who want to put their newfound musical skills to use. And for those traveling from out of town (or those who are just too tired for the drive home), dinner will be provided by Food Not Bombs, and sleeping accommodations will be available on Saturday night.

"Our main goal with the Anti-Beauty Pageant," says Amy Mahardy, music director at Ground Zero, "is to inspire girls to play music and do art, to express their creativity."

Amy also notes that while the weekend is a women-driven event and girls will take priority in limited-capacity workshops, everyone is welcome to attend. That includes you, boys. MEGAN SELING