In order to send the message that our glorious Northwest summer will not be ruined by a flaccid, ass-dragging economy and other such mundane doldrums, 360 BPM productions is kicking down a drum 'n' bass monthly at Noiselab pragmatically titled "Drum & Bass Sessions." For this, the second installment, England's hard-edged tech assault duo Usual Suspects is being called in to hopefully ensure that the dance-floor patrons leave feeling like they were just dragged through the back alleys of Tower Hamlets and blagged for a few quid--and that's a good thing, by the way.

If you're not familiar with some of Seattle's drum 'n' bass history, here's a quick overview: The 360 BPM Crew came together in 1996 after being involved in what was Seattle's first under-21 drum 'n' bass night at the now defunct Club Vinylized. By throwing parties and bringing in major DJs and producers, they helped establish what is now Seattle's tight-knit drum 'n' bass community. Zach Herman (AKA Zacharia), 360 BPM's original founding member, is the crew's sole remaining overseer and hasn't deviated from the original intent of putting together solid parties that represent local talent as well as players from abroad. Herman explains that he's driven to maintain direction within the local drum 'n' bass scene, along with fostering environments where people can experience the music in a "proper setting."

The large venue for this party might be a nice change-up if you're used to mashin' it up in tighter and more confined spaces. We all know there's nothing more frustrating than going to check out music and trying to dance, only to find out that there's just enough room to get blistered by Camel Lights and have drinks spilled on your head--hair product ain't cheap, ya know. Back to the focal point: warming weather, a drum 'n' bass party by someone who knows the drill, and headliners imported straight from the source. What else do you want, Roni Size and Goldie to cook you breakfast the next morning? NICOLAE WHITE

Drum & Bass Sessions 2.0 featuring Usual Suspects w/MC Dino, Demo, Telly, the Dowlznick, and Zacharia, Fri May 30 at Noiselab, 925 E Pike St, 323-2189, 9 pm-3 am, 18+, $