Ohhhh yeah... once again Seattle summer is rearing its florid, sun-kissed bouquet, just around the time that the electronic world is blooming with lots of noteworthy events and releases. I'll be forgoing the party listings this week to allow myself some space to squeeze in all the good info.

In the IDM/laptop/glitch/Ctrl+Alt+Del world, the ROBO.trash party has found a new home downstairs at the Alibi Room on Saturdays, where you can find Kris Moon, Randy Jones, Samuel Kirkland, and a host of others doing things to circuit boards that I'm sure are illegal in some states. The Alibi Room is also hosting a release party June 12 for local electro-tech artist Codebase (AKA Tom Butcher), whose new record, Style Encoding, is out on Force Inc. and is available at tone in Capitol Hill. While I'm on the experimental-electronic tip, Detroit transplant/techno sage Jerry Abstract has a couple spicy little nuggets under his heat lamp. You may have checked out the Fourthcity Weekly on Mondays at the Deep Down Lounge, which puts on multimedia music/art happenings, but if not, check this out--Jerry Abstract, Fourthcity, and record labels Musik Au Strom, Merck, and Toytronic are hosting a night of tech-art-damaged fun with sets by L'uisine, Adam Johnson, Mr. Projectile, and Miles Tilmann from Chicago (you might have caught his laptop set at last year's Sidetracked event at Thinklab). Jerry Abstract also has a cute little three-inch, 12-minute CD of IDM coming out under the name Formerselv, which accompanies a 12-page art book that should also be available at tone sometime this summer.

There are more straight-up, four-to-the-floor house parties happening in the near future than I can fling a pile of dated fliers at. This week alone promises some serious shit: Friday the 13th there's Copasetic, a party on top of the Camlin Hotel with Lance Desardi and Sean Holland, both on Coco Machete Records (which is putting out joints right now!). This is the place to get gussied up, dine, dance, and wake up with your tie around your head. The same promoters are also putting on house cruises on the Puget Sound in July and August. You can get info at www.copasetic.cc. Also on Friday the 13th, house legend thee Derrick-muthafuckin'-Carter will be at the Last Supper Club! I saw Carter play at Snowdrift in San Francisco a few months back and he played a bangin', five-hour, Chicago-style after-hours set that made me dance like Jerry Lewis on angel dust. And if you're up for hitting three events in one night, Afro-Mystik will be playing at Chop Suey with a live band that same evening, along with J Boogie and Rithma. I think we should just consolidate the three and have one big kegger on my uncle's property in Kent. For those looking for larger tours, DJ Unknown from Fischerspooner is playing on June 17, and further down the pike, Squarepusher, Wagon Christ, and Doc Martin will be at Chop Suey in July. If you're going to brave Bumbershoot this year, Wesley Holmes, Jacob London, and Donald Glaude will be representing along with French tech-house playa Phil Weeks.

Some local house releases to look out for this summer include one from Rick Preston, and Tony Senghore's release on DJ Sulli's Amfibus records. There was a rumor that tech-house wild man Senghore was possibly relocating to Seattle from Stockholm, which got me all giddy, but what man in his right mind would abandon the coolest fucking place on the face of the planet? I've got to see it to believe it. Also, Brent Laurence, the DJ/producer responsible for many super soulful, buttery-smooth house productions on Black Vinyl, has a couple of new releases this summer. The first is "Build It Back Up," featuring Latrice Barnett on Celebrity Records, and the other is "Do for Me," featuring Maureen Parker on Sound Consortium--which will be an import, so be on the lookout.

If you're down with garage/2-step, the Soiree parties at Noc Noc are still bringin' in the heads with minimal promotion. Good 2-step/garage is one of my favorite blends to dance to--it's R&B, drum 'n' bass, house, breakbeats, and dancehall all wrapped into one stomping package. Ya can't go wrong. And I know that the show fell through last year, but 2-step poster boy MJ Cole is going to redeem himself by playing at Chop Suey in August.

This is obviously just a small portion of things going on, but I hope it sheds some warm rays on a few options to check out in between workin' on the ol' George Hamilton bronze glow. Have a rad summer and don't change! NICOLAE WHITE