So hate hate on/My momma always told Tre to keep a straight face on/That's why I stay strong knowin' nothing is fair/And have you ever been so hungry you be rushin' your prayers?/Like, "Jesus my heavenly, amen" I done walked around hungry for days like cavemen.

You haven't heard of Tre Kings, but just give it a lil' while-you will in time. This 21-year-old MC is indeed hungry as a starved pack animal and has the skills to make you a believer. Conceptual, street, and wise beyond his years, he's a dude to watch. Tre is lacing heaters courtesy of on-the-grind beat squad Trackheads, who, besides lacing joints for locals Byrdie, Diggz Dimes, and the Blockburners, have worked with NYC's Poison Pen and Breez Evahflowin, among others. However, their boy Tre may prove to be the biggest feather in their collective cap. His revenge epic "Black Hoodie" played in my mind's eye like a lost scene from Belly. He's got styles, and is able to kick cocky shit and that been-through-hell-and-back shit in the same breath. For chrissakes tho', don't take it from me-peep the raw piff he's spittin' on his "Mic Check" at

Are you a beatmaker, or just wanna look like one? Come on out to the War Room Saturday, June 4, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. for the all-ages In the Mix, presented by the Recording Academy and Beat Society. You'll get a chance to mix with homegrown heatmakers Jake One, Vitamin D, and Bean One, as well as Philly's own Kev Brown and De La understudy Butta Verses! It should be a great opportunity to check out how they make music, and get in a lil' Q and A. All this, plus complimentary snacks and drank-and it's all free. Afterward is the official Beat Society party (for grownuns only).

Ay!... I mean, Oi!... I mean, yo, go check out the Sea-Town BeatDown on Thursday, June 9, a punk vs. hiphop smashup that is definitely worth your five bucks. The energetic nine-man crew Mind Movers, Posing as People, Bullet Club, and Marginal Way are your combatants-Chop Suey is the arena. Four bands enter, one band leaves. Or something.

Okay, the retirement craze has officially gone beyond Thunder Dome-Jin tha MC has quit the game. The notorious battle MC and longtime Ruff Ryders token has decided to call it a night. It's kinda surprising, as duke's dropped all of one album, and a rather disappointing one at that. Guess The Rest Is History...

What in the Sam Hill is goin' on down in Atlanta? One Gucci Mane (who's "So Icy" single has been doing big thangs) has found himself arrested for murder, allegedly in self-defense. This apparently stems from Gucci's recent beef with Young Jeezy, AKA "the Snowman," over nonpayment of $1,000 for Jeezy's verse on "Icy." Whatever the case is, one brother is dead, another may be looking at time, and everybody's got albums about to drop. Goddamn, this shit ain't a good look, y'all. ■