Sat Nov 5


Gastronomic Greenwood

It all started eight years ago with a dead amphibian: Our hostess had a dinner, in part to mark the passing of her pet frog, named Senõr, but also because she and her roommate realized that they had a number of friends who had never met. The resulting party, attended by 20 people, was such a smash that it became an annual event that continues to balloon exponentially. This year's triumphant Senõr Froggy, number eight in the series, consists of some 65 attendees, each arriving with $10 to defray dinner costs and a bottle of wine to create ambiance.

Upon arrival, guests get a nametag explaining their connection to the hostess and a wine glass with the Senõr Froggy logo and their name hand-painted on it. The menu is terrific, with choices ranging from cold roasted tomato soup to grilled romaine salad to garlic fried chicken to mac and cheese to whiskey apple pie. Between each of the four courses, everyone switches tables, in order to bring the various friends of friends together.

What began as a collection of strangers quickly becomes a red-cheeked, wine-fueled laugh-fest. The one partier, besides our hostess, who has attended all eight Senõr Froggies gets a Miss America–style sash that reads "Senõr Ocho." Each table comes up with a toast to the evening, with the winning toast earning that table miniature bottles of tequila. "I'd imagine that number 10 is going to be huge," our hostess laughs, amazed that she's brought together and fed so many. "I think we'll probably have to rent out a hall or something."

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