WHO: Amie Danielewicz • WHERE: The Showbox, 1426 First Ave WHEN: Sat Nov 12, 1:23 am

On a recent Saturday night, Showbox general manager Amie Danielewicz circulates steadily between the club's bars, walkie-talkie in hand. Between periodically pausing to deal with staff members, she discusses her current musical obsessions, "the Small Faces box set has been in my car for weeks," and the strangest backstage aftermath she's encountered, "I found several pictures that someone had taken and ripped up, but then tried to put back together," she says. "I sat there and stared at them forever and tried to figure out the why and what behind that." A 10-year veteran of the service industry and an employee of the Showbox since 1999, the fair-haired firecracker has been dubbed "queen of the wild frontier" by her staff, a nickname she dismisses good-naturedly, but one that sounds rather accurate when she's describing the elements of human nature she encounters nightly. "It always amazes me how quickly people can turn. [A customer] could be calm one minute and then take a swing at someone the next. You can't predict what's going to happen, but you can always anticipate it happening." HANNAH LEVIN