WHERE: Kincora, 518 E Pine St, 325-0436
WHEN: Tue Nov 22, 10:47 pm

One of the most endearing things about Kincora is that its ambience doesn't match its geography. For an establishment located in the heart of the Pike/Pine corridor, it is blessedly free of hipster 'tude and faux-kitsch trinkets. Kincora only takes cash and it only serves simple drinks against the backdrop of an honest hard-rock and purist-punk soundtrack. DJ AJ is the embodiment of this refreshing aesthetic—every Tuesday he hosts Rocka Rolla, a night focused on rare psychedelic rock and obscure pop from the '60s and '70s. His surfer-stoner demeanor disguises his encyclopedic knowledge of obscure and enchanting bands like the Pretty Things and SRC. He'll affably accommodate requests, as long as you don't ask for anything terribly tired or trite. "If I have it, I'll play it, but, fuck, everybody loves AC/DC and Black Sabbath, but everybody plays it. I love those tunes, but I'm getting sick of them. Maybe if they want AC/DC, I'll play it, but only Bon Scott era. Or if they want to hear Black Sabbath, I'll play 'Killing Yourself to Live.' I'm not going to play fucking 'Sweet Leaf.'" HANNAH LEVIN