Who: John Chan • Where: Moon Temple, 2108 N 45th St, 633-4280 • When: Fri Dec 2, 8:45 pm

Thanks to its proximity to the Guild 45th theater, the volume of business at the Moon Temple can be predicted by show times, with groups often either relaxing and reflecting on the films they just saw or furtively polishing off their drinks and heading out the door. It's a classic Chinese dive with all the requisite trappings—a tank full of colorful fish, a jukebox stocked with loud rock and contemporary pop, and cocktails that could easily garner Molotov status with the insertion of a wick. Managing this nearly 50-year-old neighborhood lounge with an easy smile and an eagle eye is John Chan, an unfailingly friendly bartender who watches out for his regulars with honest affection. "We always joke around that she's my first wife in Wallingford," says Chan, referring to an elderly customer named Audrey who comes in solo on a regular basis. "We watch out for her." Aside from his legendary colleague Harry (who has been there for 47 years), Chan is one of the bar's oldest employees—and a very happy one. "Oh yeah, I love it—it gives me a challenge with people—I have to deal with ALL kinds of people," he laughs. HANNAH LEVIN