WHO: Meghan Dyer • WHERE: Sambar, 425 NW Market St, 781-4883

WHEN: Thurs Dec 15, 8:20 pm

On an evening as frosty as this, few things are more appealing than the warm lighting and fragrance of freshly fried frites that envelop Sambar's entryway. This enchanting, intimate bar connected to Le Gourmand may not be as well known as Le Pichet and Campagne, but it's gastronomically praiseworthy and practically peerless in the cocktail department. Where else in Seattle can one order a concoction that counts "star-anise-infused Vouvray" among its ingredients or comes garnished with such luxurious finishing touches as rose petals or candied violets? Massachusetts transplant Meghan Dyer is the ideal tour guide for the elegant-but-intimidating menu, explaining how certain floral and fruit elements harmonize with one another and encouraging explorations outside of more pedestrian, infused-vodka options. She's a big proponent of the "Gingerini," an intriguing creation made with fresh ginger and gin. "I don't even like gin myself, but we've converted a lot of non-gin drinkers," she insists. "I'd say it's hands down our most popular drink... I joke with people that it preemptively cures a hangover because the ginger has so many health benefits." HANNAH LEVIN