It can be an insurmountable challenge to get a decent crowd out to a club on a Sunday evening, particularly during these dreary winter months. The usual hipster suspects are typically broke, hung-over, or just plain unmotivated at the end of the weekend. However, judging by the size and volume of the crowd at the new weekly club night Fascinator, promoters Shannon Carroll and Julian Carlson may have found a formula that breaks this Sabbath curse. "We really wanted to have a night where we didn't charge a cover," explains Carroll while relaxing in the club's private back room. "The owner [of Vito's] approached us about doing this night and offered to cover our expenses so we wouldn't have to charge, which is really great." Tonight's programming includes a live appearance by art punks the Chromatics along with dance-motivating sets from a handful of local DJs. Julian theorizes that part of the night's appeal also lies in the crowd-friendly layout of the scarlet-saturated lounge. "There's plenty of seating; it's easy to move around here, even if there are a lot of people. And there's a dance floor, which is obviously important," he says with a smile. HANNAH LEVIN