We spaced out at the Laser Dome with Grizzly Bear back in August, when the band coupled some of its new emotive barrage pop with light-show technician Ivan's masterly visuals. Now Plan B is ready to floor you. Seriously—there's room to lie down in the Laser Dome. James van Leuven (laptop and live drumming) brings his posse of Seattle-ish musical innovators to the dome to offer some of their chill beats and mellifluous instrumentation for those who have the ears to hear: John Paul Scesniak (Origami Ghosts) on guitar/vocals, Adam Swan (Foscil) on bass/laptop/keyboards, Julian Garcia (Scientific American) as laptop scratch DJ, Bill Jones (Boogie Brown Band) on trumpet, and M. Evans working voice manipulation and the melodica. Half of the show will feature young MC L. P. Reklaw, with whom van Leuven is working on a hiphop record.

For the eyes, van Leuven has enlisted the help of local artist Parskid, whose humor 'n' horror illustration style will be converted into lasers and stylized live by Ivan. There couldn't be a more ideal pairing. Parskid has several series of paintings with titles like Pleasant Monstrosities, Bright Death, and Floral Derangement, all of which feature his signature character—a sort of bundled-up gremlin who, like so many of our readership, manages to be cute when angry.

I'd like to second Plan B's MySpace profile comment, "SHIT WILL BE SURREAL. TAKE DRUGS," but Big Bubba is probably watching. NICK SCHOLL