Missoula, the hippie-est city in Montana, gets especially weird when it comes time for the University of Montana ("Go, Grizzlies!") graduation ceremony. Downtown is an odd mix of drum circles and toothless men raving about Mexicans and how we should support our troops in Eye-rack. Graduates with towers of beer hold up signs by the side of the road that read, "You honk, we drink." Passing cars blast their horns as many as five times, leading the drunken students to fear for their livers.

In a large house, some roommates are celebrating their graduation with a barbecue and party. There's a keg of delicious Big Sky beer, and they're barbecuing pretty much every kind of meat imaginable. Some folks are playing Polish Horseshoes: Two teams balance empty beer bottles on the tops of ski poles driven into the ground. Each team throws a Frisbee at the other team's ski pole, trying to knock the bottle off its perch. The competition is fierce, with allegations of foul play beginning almost immediately.

Inside, there's beer pong. Somebody happens on the game and starts tsking: "Beer pong at 8:30? You guys aren't fooling around." One of the pongers replies, "We have to start early, since we've gotta get up in the morning for church." The real belle of the ball, though, is the grandmother of one of the graduates: She spends the party telling jokes and slapping cheeky men, and when it comes time to take family pictures, her daughters joke that she's too drunk to walk. "I'm not drunk," she snaps. "The ground keeps going up and down!" recommended

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