With a misguided attitude somemisread as arrogance/We don't followsuit, we suit up and do better shit... —Destro, Boom Bap Project

While you're checking the almighty Brother Ali do his damn at the Vera Project on Thursday, May 31, don't miss his label- and tourmates Boom Bap Project tearing it down with their typically energetic, drum-tight live set. Karim (aka Nightclubber Lang), Destro Destructo, and Scene have a brand new LP in the can (tentatively titled The Shakedown, featuring the cream of the NW production talent as usual) and will likely have it for sale during the Undisputed Truth tour, which oughta tide heads over till the release of their next official Rhymesayers album. In other BBP news, Karim (reportedly an old-school homie of our own J-Zwickel) is relocating from PDX to his native San Fran to take a gig with burgeoning Bay Area—based music channel MYX TV. Peace to my man as he goes on to bigger and better thangs—just as long as y'all mufuckas are still putting out music.

Sunday, June 3, at Nectar is the release party for Phil in the Blank's debut album, Artistically Schizophrenic—another quality local release submitted for Seattle's sometimey approval. Deluxe Gentlemen, Kublakai, and Neezie Pleaze also perform—and watch for Neezie's upcoming, as-yet-untitled collab project with producer Dot (brother to none other than the Tall Homie Vitamin D). Which reminds me: Attention local fans, artists, bookers, radio and media outlets! There is (always) a whole new crop of dope local talent in town on their grind, quietly on the bubble—you might wanna get (and stay) familiar with the scene at large. If you didn't know the half until two years ago, you likely still don't. Never ever sleep too hard, 'cause eventually one of these kids will pull the plug on your ass. All done. Enough gems for now.

Man, I had no idea there were such Killah Priest fans here at The Stranger—thanks to the good folks on Line Out, I was recently kept up to date on the possibility of a Seattle date for my favorite Wu satellite member (next to La the Darkman and Shorty Shitstain)... and now, I can pass the value on to you, the consumer. Tuesday, June 5, at Nectar marks perhaps the zenith of all Fremont experiences: the "New Wu Revival" with Killah Priest, Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire (since when is he Wu?), Prodigal Sunn (from Priest's old clique Suns of Man), the Wisemen (featuring that newest old-school Wu member, Bronze Nazareth), and our local killa beez Rudy & the Rhetoric. Y'know, I always thought of Fremont as the 37th Chamber. It's high time for a Wu revival too, ain't it? Fuck the '80s nostalgia; let's barrel into '94, full steam ahead—Carhartt suits strongly encouraged. What am I saying—this is clearly a Wu Wear—only affair, and will no doubt be a great warm-up for the Wu mother ship touching down at Bumbershoot this year... now can I get a SUUUUUU!?!?!?