Maybe you've noticed I've been bigging up the in-the-works solo from Grayskul's JFK. Well, I've also been sitting on the fact that JFK's Ol-D Co-D, Onry Ozzborn, is also working on a new solo record; in fact, it's already completed, laid down in record time. Titled No Hoax, it's the album Ozz says will be his final solo project. Well damn, too bad, especially because—just as in the case with JFK—these new songs are some of, if not the, best stuff he's laid down yet.

No Hoax's beats bang with slap-silly production from Nickels and Sandpeople's Sapient, and Onry's spit game is immediate, more accessible than ever before, and sharp as Vlad's spikes. This more straightforward style reminds me of vintage Ozzborn, specifically the slick electro-funk of "Venom," the popular single from his 2001 Alone LP. Onry's cutting gift for droll detailing and crushing put-downs is more potent than ever, as he slays figurative and personal demons with a vengeance. He's only performed this new shit out maybe twice, and your next chance to savor it is at Nectar on Friday, April 25, where he rocks alongside the heavy duty Def Juxish bang of Rudy & the Rhetoric and the ponderous Waterflow of Tulsi. Onry will also be joined by a vocalist by the name of Mis'Fatale for his set. Don't miss out.

Hey, by now you've probably peeped the video for "Loyalty" off of Blue Scholars' Bayani, and you may have even scored their Butter & Gun$ EP off the iTunes, so why not round it out by going to check Geologic, aka Pro Brown, at Chop Suey on Tuesday, April 29, along with Kiwi, formerly of L.A.'s Native Guns. Do it!

You're so sensitive/All I said was simple sentences...

Yep, Tom Shimura, that dude they call Lyrics Born, is back, and not just in town (which he is, at Neumo's on Sunday, April 27), but backupinya with a new album. Everywhere at Once is LB's first LP on Anti Records, and sports a sound in line with the traveling-revue funk stylings of his notorious live show, yet with a very contemporary electro-pop slant. Live slap bass and bouncy West Coast electro-funk slinks alongside selections from Zion-I's beat maestro Amp Live and Seatown title- holder Jake One. To be real, I'd kinda burned out on the uniformly upbeat, commercial-ready tunes (seriously, how many songs does he have licensed out there?) of Mr. Born years ago, but there's some joints on this record. I dunno if I'd bump it come fall, but right now it's sounding right. Particularly, I'm loving the summertime no-brainer "Cakewalk," the super-breezy collaboration with prep-hyphy Bay Area wunderkind Trackademicks. Seriously, all you younger cats who dress like my older brother did 20 years ago (if he'd done a lot of acid) need to stop sleeping on Trackademicks: He's right up your alley and actually talented to boot. You though? Don't quit your day job. recommended