The new release from local duo Obelus is aptly titled Montana, inspired by a rediscovered ambient track recorded on a secluded ranch. If you've ever wondered what Big Sky Country sounds like, this is the release for you—its lush, spacious improvisations deftly balancing drone, glitch, and silence. It's a departure from Obelus's more drum-centric fare, but the duo have always cast a wide creative net. Obelus invoke a bit of vinyl purity with this album, releasing the recording solely on limited-edition green vinyl.

Obelus have always emphasized live performance, and perhaps the best way to experience Montana is to see the duo onstage with MIDI guitar and drums, playing off of one another and the audience. They'll be doing that this Thursday at Nectar, with a bill rounded out by Logic Probe, Brett Bullion, ndCv, and a DJ set by Lusine. With all those forward-thinking artists on the same bill, the night sounds like an installment of retired weekly Oscillate.

The next night will be a bit less heady, but still for the heads. You might not associate Public Enemy with dubstep, but DJ Lord, PE's DJ, is making an appearance at Shift this Friday, going up against Swytch of the duo Trill Bass. It should make for an interesting pairing. DJ Lord's turntablist background will undoubtedly mean some showmanship behind the decks, while Swytch has been doing the dubstep thing for years, and both have spent time with drum and bass. It may end up being a case of style versus substance, turntable trickery versus deep crates, but so long as the bassbins are properly tuned, it should work out just fine.

In a case of giving the people what they want, this week's edition of Drum and Bass Tuesdays at the Baltic Room has been deemed "Dr. Hops and Demo's Request Line." As the name suggests, Kid Hops and Demo are asking attendees to set the playlist for the night by sending in track requests. Time to flood the NWTekno post with calls for the mellower end of the drum-and-bass spectrum.

Sticking with drum and bass, you'll want to take note of Konkrete Jungle's move to Oseao/Electric Tea Garden in the wake of CHAC's loss of their current 12th Avenue space. Konkrete Jungle is still keeping things friendly for the kids by being all ages, and this week they're bringing in Texas's Sol.ID for a night of "sexy d&b." recommended

Obelus's album release party is Thurs June 19, Nectar, 8 pm, $8, 21+.

DJ Lord and Swytch play Fri June 20, Shift at Contour, 10 pm, $10 before midnight, 21+.

Kid Hops and Demo play Tues June 24, Drum and Bass Tuesdays at the Baltic Room, 10 pm, $3, 21+.

Sol.ID plays Wed June 25, Konkrete Jungle at Electric Tea Garden (1402 E Pike St), 10 pm, $8, all ages.