There are a few pairings even more apt than Ryan Adams and Oasis, but not many.

The two acts are curious mirrors of one another: Both are loudmouths; in Oasis's case, make it twin loudmouths—singer Liam Gallagher and guitarist-songwriter/older brother Noel. Both have abused alcohol and other substances quite publicly. Both have thrown tantrums onstage. Both are famous and have received critical attention out of proportion to the quality of their music—largely because they're loudmouths. Both are in that curious limbo where no one really cares about their new albums, but they have just enough fame to carry them along. An Adams or Gallagher media incident tends to be worth rubbernecking: It's good to know there are reliable things in life, even if they aren't what you'd necessarily prefer to rely on.

So let's compare and contrast Adams and the Gallaghers. The records we'll leave up to you.

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