RIP to Flint, Michigan's own, Eric "MC" Breed, who died recently of kidney failure in his sleep. Peace to his family and friends, and to the whole town he put on the map.

My heart also goes out to the friends and family of everybody caught up in the escalating gun violence going on in our own—the shit is out of control if you somehow haven't noticed. Kids are dying, and kids are killing. Word to Omari and Kun Luv: Stop the violence, increase the peace, and—the most important part—break the silence. Tacit approval of this bullshit, and fighting and killing and dying over real estate that we're all getting priced the fuck out of, is only going to take more kids away from their families.

Yeah, the bad news is in plentiful supply: The home studio of homey Aaron Angus was recently burglarized. Thieves took everything, including the hard drives and all backups—especially troubling considering that they held all-new music (complete or near-complete albums in some cases) from One Be Lo, JFK, Onry Ozzborn, Grayskul, Candidt, Redskin, Clockwork, Byrdie, Phil in the BLaNK, Scribes, Philly Alto, Dub, and MC2rd. Some of the most official MCs in town losing a huge chunk of music is a big deal—so please, if anybody knows anything about this, drop me an e-mail and I'll pass it along.

All that said, let's see what you can look forward to this week, such as the CD release for Amateur Hour, the third album from Type, Seattle's premier prematurely bald prepubescent (emotionally at least) MC. Type has always prided himself on crass, scatological material designed to disgust the faint-hearted and wild-eyed— scene-scorching to piss off the local purists; though not the amateur he once was, this one's his finest Hour. Somehow he's that guy from high school funny enough not to get his ass beat for the shit he says (or the lack of finesse with which he says it), and judging by this album's cornucopia of hate bait, it's a trait that'll come in handy. Even better than that, the guy actually homes in on some decent flow and delivery—can't deny his tenacity and work ethic. To celebrate, Type and DJ 100 Proof have arranged an ingenious Amateur Hour "show battle" (to be judged by a panel of all-stars) at Nectar on December 5. Performances include: Billy the Fridge, Waves of the Mind, Fresh Ave, Taybot, Notion, Wizdom, Lorenzo the First, M Sea, Premonition, Suntonio Bandanaz, Stationary Drifters, and "Tha Sea Monsta," Bo$$ Fam official co-CEO Duranged Pitt (cop his mixtape Tha Ending Iz Near, as dude got a cool voice and some good spits).

Speaking of good spits, don't miss the Way of the B-Boy Seattle premiere at Nectar December 7, as it will feature performances from generation-nexters Blu and U-N-I. If we miss that, you and I will certainly be blue... zing! recommended