Kevin Erickson recently moved to Seattle from Anacortes, where he was the resident do-it-all for the Department of Safety, to take a job as coordinator and interim codirector of the All-Ages Movement Project, an organization founded by all-ages superadvocate Shannon Stewart of the Vera Project.

"Every kid deserves a place like Seattle's Vera Project," says Erickson, "and AMP is trying to eliminate the barriers set up to prevent that from happening." In his new role, Erickson will help AMP continue to execute its vision of providing an all-inclusive organization for open communication and interaction between successful and fledgling all-ages spaces across the country. "So if someone in Buffalo doesn't know what licenses they need or how to talk to the city," he says, "AMP can directly support and provide guidance from someone who knows."

AMP's first phase has resulted in The All-Ages Movement Project, a forthcoming publication compiling years of research on successful all-ages spaces across the nation. Next up for the organization will be to distribute that information, to set up an online support forum for all-ages advocates and spaces, and to let organizations know that these resources are available, according to Erickson. "People running these places often get the sense that they are doing it in a vacuum, but the same issues and problems always come up. AMP wants to pool resources and share our struggles and successes. Within a national network we can create sustainable cultural outposts for youth that won't just fold in a year." recommended

All-Ages Calendar

Thurs Jan 22: Tera Melos, Astronautalis at the Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $9 ($8 w/club card).

Fri Jan 23: No-Fi Soul Rebellion, Circles at the Old Fire House, 8 pm, $6.

Fri Jan 23: Soul Control, Vanguard, Sojourner, Ill Intent, On at West Seattle Legion Hall, 8 pm.

Fri Jan 23: Anchors, Beware of the Sea, the Benjamin Clocks at Ground Zero, 7 pm, $6 ($5 w/can of food).

Fri Jan 23: Sunship at Gallery 1412, 8 pm, $5–$15 sliding scale.

Sat Jan 24: Exit Collapse, Raw Nerves, Same-Sex Dictator at Squid & Ink, 8 pm.