Now what do YOU do? Exactly... not "exactly" like... "you don't do anything 'exactly.'" But more like... "what EXACTLY do you do?" —P.O.S.

RIP, Tyrone Love, the much-loved 26-year-old promoter who was recently killed on the 2600 block of Cherry Street. My heart and deepest condolences go out to his family, and love to everybody here who feels like I do—sickened and saddened by the ever-increasing tide of senseless violence on the streets of our city, seemingly coming from all directions. This shit touches all our lives. There's no condoning it, no code of conduct that can excuse it—greed, complacency, and a virulent culture of zero accountability threaten to bankrupt every facet of our world. Shit, in so many words, is real. So, seriously, what do you do exactly?

Hopefully it's not to merely become callused over or just accepted it as a part of life. Hopefully it's not to bust out a bunch of ignorant shit from the perceived safety of your laptop or make sport like it isn't real people dying in your community—like, is City Market gonna have another funny little sandwich board on the corner of Bellevue and Olive about this shit? Okay—rant over.

Outside of nebbishy audiophiles, most people wouldn't realize 2009 is the 60th anniversary of the 45 rpm record, much less find it occasion to celebrate. But the good folks at Red Bull are marking an event on Thursday, February 26, with a quad of official DJs spinning nothing but 45s all night at Trinity: the White Van man Jake One (who occasionally posts some vintage Seattle heatery on www.white, Seattle funk/soul scholar Supreme La Rock (who drops nonstop jewels on the reg at www.supreme, Stones Throw's dance-floor obscurantist James Pants, and Las Vegas's John Doe. Come get loose for the free-ninety-nine, patna.

Or come up to King Cobra on the Hill and party with Top Pot–doughnut- eating champ/comedian/rapper/dude Billy the Fridge that same night. Billy and DJ Bad Cuzin are celebrating the release of his Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show CD with a doughnut-eating challenge (who will win—Wizdom? Pearl from Champagne Champagne?), a "Lusty Lady" dance-off (prize: a thousand quarters!), and appearances from Ronald McFondle and Deevious Silvertongue of Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling fame—plus performances from Grynch and the Nite Owls. Doughnuts and debauchery go together like ham and burger.

Wrap up Black History Month at the Rendezvous on Friday, February 27, for The Corner, featuring Cancer Rising, Tha Stahi Bros, Duranged Pitt, (the until recently MIA) Lifee, and DJ Nphared. Sprint, don't run, to any occasion to see Stahi (the inestimable team of Vitamin D and Maineack) do their thing, and be sure to pester them on sight to drop their album, which word on the skreets says is incredible and some of Vita's best work, naturally putting it in the running for Seattle's Best. Fuck some coffee. recommended