The latest Diplo-approved global-beat phenomenon, kuduro, finds one of its hottest purveyors in Portugal's Buraka Som Sistema (João Barbosa [Lil' John], Rui Pité [DJ Riot], Andro Carvalho [Conductor], and Kalaf Ângelo). Kuduro, which derives from the African nation Angola, fuses Western styles like grime, house, and techno with Angolan genres kilapanga and semba. (Kuduro means "hard ass" in Portuguese, and the music inspires much booty thrusting.)

Buraka Som Sistema's debut album proper, Black Diamond (Fabric), flaunts hectic, galloping beats, extreme high and low frequencies (the main sound in "Luanda Lisboa" could be a pitched-up band saw), and declamatory vocals from several male and female vocalists, including M.I.A. on the stomping, carnivalesque "Sound of Kuduro" and grime MC Kano on squiggly, staccato banger "Skank & Move." BSS's sensually thuggish rhythms are accentuated with cowbells, shakers, and hand claps.

This is maximal party music ramped up to 11 and flaming with bravado. If you want soothing sonorities of quiet reflection, steer clear of BSS. If you want an adrenalized soundtrack to revelry/lechery, Buraka Som Sistema can sort you out this Saturday at Nectar.


This Friday, local collective Innerflight brings British producer/DJs Meat Katie and Kid Blue to Seattle. Meat Katie (Mark Pember) has been at the forefront of the breaks scene for more than a decade; he's been at it so long, he actually fit in among England's thriving mid-'90s big-beat scene. Lately, Meat Katie has been merging more streamlined techno rhythms into his bass-and-bleep-intensive tracks, while losing none of his renowned party-igniting tendencies. Kid Blue (Londoner Rory Natkiel) also has a foxy way with corkscrewing, chunky funk buttressed by pornographically throbbing bass.


On Saturday, Seattle's Sweatbox crew debuts the Colour Project, which organizer Chris Aldrich says "is a new series of parties based on the concept of choosing a color, booking cutting-edge talent, and exploring a different 'shade' of techno at each event through said color." Cobalt is the first hue to be spotlighted, with Big Bully (Brooklyn's Dawson Baca) headlining the inaugural installment. Big Bully's strain of minimal techno is (relatively) slow and sludgy, and therefore carries a whiff of freshness, thanks also to a tangy array of percussive accents. Baca drops in his own slurred vocals, lending his tracks a weird, ominous, sexy aura akin to Jay Haze's productions. recommended

Meat Katie, Kid Blue, Rhines, Kadeejah Streets, Nordic Soul perform Fri April 24, 920 Elliott Ave W, 9 pm, $10, 21+; Buraka Som Sistema perform Sat April 25, Nectar, 9 pm, $10, 21+; Big Bully, Pantycontrol, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, Leif perform Sat April 25, Electric Tea Garden, 10 pm, $7 w/blue attire/$10 without, 21+.