If you've followed wild-eyed, electronic guru Dan Deacon over the years, you know that witnessing his Saturday-morning-cartoons-on-acid brand of electronica in person will leave your ears ringing and your body wet with sweat. The bald and bespectacled Baltimorean, who has the look of a kindly/crazy uncle, traditionally plays on the floor, hyped hipsters huddling around him while he pokes and prods at a tabletop mountain of sequencers and pedals. Deacon layers high-speed digital drums and shrill synthesized sounds, creating an inhuman electro-pop that sounds as if Daffy Duck, Kid 606, and the guys from Lightning Bolt started a dance band bent on causing riots in warehouses and basements. It's a shame Deacon hasn't played a house show on his past few visits to Seattle—that's what happens when your favorite little band blows up—but his performance this Saturday, April 25, at the Vera Project will be well worth attending. To perform the songs from his celebratory new album, Bromst, Deacon is touring with a massive 14-piece band, incorporating multiple drums, keyboards, marimbas, xylophones, and glockenspiels. That lot probably won't all fit on the floor, but even if the new setup is more intricate than Deacon's past shows, expect him to bring the same ritualistic ecstasy and unbridled dance partying as ever.

That same night, the Old Fire House in Redmond is hosting its annual Punk Rock Prom, and its packed lineup is a fine glimpse of the area's youthful music scene. Consistently wonderful popsters Whitney Ballen and Jeff Stillwell have gotten their fair share of coverage in this space, as have weirdo punks Masters and Johnson, but damn if you won't also be floored by charming Issaquah pop rockers Seahouse or the serious-minded hiphop stylings of Universal Soul. Your admission also gets you a free copy of POP 425, an awesome new compilation of talented young Eastside bands. recommended

All-Ages Calendar

Fri April 24: Josh Hoge, Curtis Peoples, Tony Lucca, Allen Stone at Q Cafe, 8 pm, $9 adv/$10 DOS.

Sat April 25: Dan Deacon, Future Islands, Teeth Mountain at the Vera Project, 8 pm, $11 ($10 w/club card).

Sat April 25: Punk Rock Prom: Universal Soul, Seahouse, APOC, DJ Fuke, Save Kate, Masters and Johnson, Temple Vibe, Generifus, Whitney Ballen, Jeff Stillwell at the Old Fire House, 6:30 pm, $8.

Sun April 26: Joe Lally at the Vera Project, 7:30 pm, $9 adv/$11 DOS ($8/$10 w/club card).