If a new all-ages music venue was on your wish list this year, you're in luck—Porchlight Coffee, a small coffee shop that opened on Capitol Hill about six months ago, is making its debut as a live-music venue this week, hosting a great show with Your Heart Breaks (love!), Girl Band (from Santa Barbara!), and Bremerton expat Jason Clackley.

Local musician and six-year barista veteran Zack Bolotin (he and Clackley are both in Like Claws!) opened Porchlight Coffee on 14th Ave between Pike and Pine about six months ago. It serves coffee roasted by Herkimer and has an array of treats (including vegan selections) like Macrina pastries, Zatz bagels, and Mighty-O doughnuts. And because Bolotin is such a big music fan himself, the shop also has a small but well-curated selection of new and used vinyl (currently in stock: Elvis Costello, Al Green, Murder City Devils, Six Parts Seven, Russian Circles, and more).

While Bolotin is looking forward to the shop's first show, he says he's going to focus on quality shows rather than quantity.

"I'm not going to book too many shows here," he says. "The game plan is to completely avoid 'coffee shop' music and just book really solid shows."

It's off to a good start. Your Heart Breaks play tender, sometimes funny, acoustic tracks about relationships of all kinds, while Clackley is a bit more raucous (and bearded), though just as thoughtful.

You can get updates about upcoming shows and additions to the shop's record selection at www.twitter.com/Porchlight SEA, and you can download mixes of the music they play—recently: David Bazan, Owen, American Football, and Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music—at their blog, www.porchlightcoffee.wordpress.com.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Porchlight! And save one of those pistachio-rosewater cupcakes for me. MEGAN SELING

Recommended All-ages Shows

Mon Dec 28: Your Heart Breaks, Girl Band, Jason Clackley at Porchlight Coffee, 7 pm, $5.

Tues Dec 29: Jason Webley, Corpus Callosum at Fremont Abbey Arts Center, 7:30 pm, $9.

Wed Dec 30: the Murder City Devils, Past Lives, Cold Lake at Showbox at the Market, 8 pm, $20.