This one's easy—as much as I live by "no expectations, no regrets," without a doubt my biggest regret is how many times I had to write "RIP" in my column this year. In 2010, nobody die, okay?

Grynch: I don't have many regrets at all this year to be honest. 2009 was good to me. If I have one, though, it's that I didn't debut my new dance, the Bench Press, while I was hosting Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's EP release party. Think of it as a modified Running Man. It's (probably not) takin' over in 2010!

Sabzi (Blue Scholars, Common Market): I regret seeing the fortune-teller who warned me about my ill fate. Now I've discovered that the decisions I made in order to avoid the fate she warned me about turned out to be the very decisions that CAUSED my demise! Blast! 2009 proved to be the year I finally regretted not putting out my mashups and up-tempo tracks back in 2002. I regret allowing people around me to influence that decision when they said I was "a sissy for making cornball loser music." I could be a rich cornball loser now... Sigh...

Geologic (Blue Scholars): I will forever regret having never seen Michael Jackson perform live.

THEESatisfaction: We regret not doing THEESatisfaction in 1995.

DJ Gajamagic (Champagne Champagne): I have one major regret for this year: not touring with Champagne, releasing a physical copy of our record, or making shirts—but that regret is about to get turned around. CD coming in January, shirts following shortly after, and touring is in the works. One thing I do not regret, and one of the highlights of 2009, was watching T-Gray win that beard-off.

Khingz: Went to Charlie's to get some nachos but decided on a burger instead; in walks this girl I dated in high school. We were good together, but she always talked about us having kids—like right after graduation—so I broke up with her (really I just stopped calling or answering, I know, jerk). She's beautiful, successful, and living in the city I love most (NYC). The point is: I regret not ordering the nachos. The burger was good, but I mean nachos are nachos.

DJ Nphared: I regret not chipmunking my last doughnut at Billy the Fridge's Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show. I would've won!

Billy the Fridge: Not getting in to see Talksick in the hospital before he passed. I was sick that week. I didn't want to add to the severity of it. I didn't realize it would have been my last chance to see him. Luckily my last memories of him were strong and very fun/happy. All else seems trivial in comparison to that situation. Due to Talk's size and health problems, I felt deeply connected to his passing, beyond just missing him. Oh, I also regret not taking advantage of one of the drunk strippers after my Freak Show.

Mr. Hill: Not finishing the Nite Owls album.

Meli Darby: I regret paying $100 for someone to fuck up my hair.

Onry Ozzborn: Not breeding a baby dragon.

Rob Castro (ATB Studios): Letting friends crash at my house for longer than I should have.

Candidt: I regret not going back to school to get my degree, but I will this year!

J.Pinder: I regret not wearing my hard hat at Corix Utilities and getting canned... I regret Pindergarten... I regret getting fucked up for my 21st. I regret four other songs I started. I regret not finishing songs and/or losin' my train of thought. And I regret missin' the Jay-Z concert. But all these I can live with... 'cause Jay said you gotta learn to live with regrets.

BeanOne: Um... 2009. recommended