Hey, what's up—you got anything going on February 4? Yeah, you do, sparky—Neumos and local MC Sol are presenting the badass Haiti Relief Show. Common Market, the Physics, Dyno Jamz, Sol, the Flying Sneakers Break Crew, and your host Khingz will all be blessing the stage and putting their mouths where your money's at. Every single dollar made at the door goes directly to Doctors Without Borders. Bravo to Sol, Neumos, and all involved for making this happen.

Rhymesayers' Eyedea & Abilities are doing their thing at Nectar on February 6, no doubt ripping down some of the material from their By the Throat release from the summer—crazy, angst-stricken (Eyedea is even on some Cobain-sweater shit in the video for, appropriately enough, a song called "Junk"), and rock-edged, it still sounds to me like the same crazy MC/turntablist duo I saw at the Brainstorm battle years ago.

That same Saturday night, KEXP's Audioasis is doing a live set at the Sunset headlined by D.Black. Some good news: Looks like he isn't retiring on us just yet, thank god (get it?)—there's a free EP coming from him and his frequent collaborator B.Brown, and the single "Special," featuring Fatal Lucciauno, can be found on all the cool local hiphop blogs.

Also this Saturday: Right around my block is the Faire Gallery over on Olive and Melrose, where every first Saturday of the month is the Cornerstone, an open mic and artist showcase. It's been popping for a minute, it's all ages (food and 'liks available), and it's always free. Sounds like a deal to me! Big ups to its organizers Diztortion (of Theoretics), Renaissance the Poet, and DJ Rise. Speaking of the popping li'l round-the-way events, shouts to my man and yours Mr. Rajnii Eddins. He's been doing Rub (no relation to the homie Cosmo Baker or DJ Ayres, mind you) down at Lo-Fi every Wednesday; it's live funk and soul in close quarters, so go shake that load off witcha your peoples, man.

On February 9, it's Ladies Night at Neumos, boy: THEESatisfaction are headlining a bill with Lisa Dank, Canary Sing, Queerbait, Katie Kate, Sap'N, and DJ Colby B. Come through and see what the fairer sex is working with live onstage. The queens of space-rap-jazz-for-that-azz, Stas and Cat of THEESat are just getting better and badder with every performance, I kind of get the feeling we're going to be eating their dust pretty soon. Word is they are readying their official LP Au Naturale with acclaimed Seatown producer and musician Erik Blood (who also was involved with bringing the Shabazz Palaces EPs to life), so expect good, weird things.

Yo, did you see the packaging for that upcoming Jake One and Freeway record? Even packaging gets viral videos these days. It's fantastic: oversize Jake and Free "bills" in a knot, a CD "wallet," a download card for the instrumentals—great design by ego trip's genius Brent Rollins. Also in Rhymesayers news: At a show in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Brother Ali, RSE's manic street preacher, was joined on beatbox accompaniment by Justin fucking Timberlake, which is almost like if Lupe Fiasco was joined onstage by R. Kelly at a show in Gary, Indiana. I just pray a breathy, impassioned "Where's the Love Pt. 2" isn't in the fucking cards. PLEASE? recommended