In the words of Chill Rob G (or Snap! if you prefer), it's getting kinda hectic. The earth seems to be shaking itself to pieces under the unsteady weight of the bullshit we keep piling on it. As you no doubt already know, Haiti, Chile, and Taiwan all got hit incredibly hard recently, and I know a lot of you here in Seatown are, like me, keenly aware of how overdue we are for the Big One they've been promising us since middle school. We stay hoping for the best over here, but if you're not prepared for the worst, you're half-stepping. Natural disasters come in all shapes and sizes, though, and a muscle in your chest going south on you can be deadly enough. Peace and love to Gang Starr's monotone master Guru, who recently suffered through a cardiac arrest and coma but is now thankfully recovering after a successful surgery. Maybe this will all spur a real-deal Gang Starr reunion? Nothing like a near-death experience to clear the air and provide that real perspective.

Moving on, let's talk about us for a minute. On March 11, Nectar brings us those Sound Off! 2009 winners Dyno Jamz (an ill eight-piece combo utilizing horns, drums, bass, keyboards, and MC) with Hiero Imperium rep Knobody and local singer/MC Dice, who's recently dropped her outta-nowhere mixtape The Foundation. Dice has a dope, jazzy voice and spits some solid bars to boot, holding her own next to beasts like Second Family's Element, Mic Phenom, firebrand Fatal Lucciauno, and Sol, who seems to get better with every appearance he makes. My interest is definitely piqued, and it's gratifying to see that this surge of local talent isn't confined to those with a Y chromosome. Speaking of, it was dope to see Piece and Lady Tasz rocking "It's So Official" off of Full Circle at RC Tha Trackaholiq's excellent album release down at 88 Keys. Also speaking of, hit to kick in on THEESatisfaction's spring tour and help these talented ladies hit the road!

March 12 at Nectar, Tay Sean and Jerm, aka Helladope, the illest up-and-coming crew in Seattle, present their CD-release party for their (now) self-titled debut album. Miss it, and you, my friend, will fa'sho miss out—Mash Hall, Candidt, State of the Artist, and DJ Dev from Above open up. Speaking of State of the Artist, peep the new video for the Ski Team remix of their "Real Hot," and check out their collaboration with Helladope, "Extrahella­dope," off of their upcoming long-player SeattleCaliFragalisticExtraHella­Dopeness.

March 14 at Nectar is the birthday bash for Travis "Ear Candy" Hay, who's honoring his blog and his born-day withNo-Fi Soul Rebellion, Katie Kate, Lisa Dank, and Queerbait.

March 15 down at the Rendezvous, treat yourself to a live one with some cats you might not be up on: Mudvillain Sarx, High Point's tentacled beast Duranged Pitt, Tac-town monster Dough Kain (from the crew BlockRepp), and MC Name the Uncanny. And that's what I got this week—hold tight, people. Love your loved ones, and give no undue energy to the otherwise. recommended