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Last night TRUST celebrated a year of successful dance parties—with a dance party at Chop Suey. And according to TRUST's website, TRUST is "Kid Hops and SunTzu Sound combined to create one of the most popular parties in recent times."

I arrived at Chop Suey pretty early. It was 10 p.m. and only a few folks were scattered around the club, their heads bouncing slowly to the music as they sipped their drinks in the low light.

Within the last few days I've developed a case of bronchitis (I'm guessing, although it's already clearing up), so I imbibe a steady flow of hot toddies as the crowd begins to pile in. An hour later the dance floor is filling up.

I think it's safe to say that the crowd can be described as happy. DJ Kid Hops is bringing stray feet into the fold with a mixture of disco, house, and soul. I didn't feel like dancing all that much, but I can't seem to resist the beats and I too end up on the dance floor. Eventually the coughing kicked back in so I went home where I belonged.

But from the couple of hours I was there, TRUST's anniversary party was a lot of fun, and had I not been hacking up a lung, I would have stayed until the end. Suggests approved.