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Poster artist C.M. Ruiz's first art show, "Happy Home," at the Design Commission in Pioneer Square, reminds me of that tree house full of car decals we found in the woods when I was 5 years old.


Within the Design Commission—I almost felt badly for venturing inside as a closer peek into the space betrayed the offices of the people who actually work there—Ruiz has set up a childlike homage to the bricolage aesthetic of rock-n-roll squalor.

The exhibit is stuck together and peeling, but ultimately does a little breathing on its own, which makes it feel all right, kind of like a Velvet Underground song. I found a trunk of neat silk-screened t-shirts in a corner and wondered if they were for sale but didn't see anyone around to ask—kind of exactly what it is like to be at a random garage/punk show in New Jersey. Ruiz brought me back, son.

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