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Last night, Eric Grandy suggested the "ridiculously funky" Matias Aquayo at Nectar in Fremont.

I don’t spend a lot of time in Fremont in general, and I have never been to a show at Nectar. I showed up excessively early, and there wasn’t anything happening at the venue.

So, I popped into Ballroom before the show. After a couple of drinks, I realized I was starving and ordered a slice of pizza. Has anyone been there? The slices are enormous, and save the copious blue cheese and barbecue chicken topping, are a dead ringer for the slices served at a certain pizzeria across the street from my childhood home. The crust was amazing—sublimely chewy. But I digress…

I forgot how to read and wasn’t expecting a DJ when I got to Nectar. I kept thinking someone else was going to come on stage until it finally set in that we were watching the main event. So, whoopsies.

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