Music Apr 15, 2010 at 4:00 am

John Lydon and the Unlikely Rise of Post-Punk Pioneers PiL


It's Hell on Earth to remain adolescent forever.
Kudos to Dave Segal for an absorbing interview. However...does not Johnny ROTTEN (Lydon) come off as a MI5 British Secret-Service Intelligence victim? Did they NOT have Motive to turn ROTTEN into an inoffensive, platitude-loving-spouting VEGETABLE? Did they rip out his brain, his SOUL out through the kind of drug-therapies and torture that our wonderful CIAetc agencies have been documented to use in this nation ad nauseum over and over again? If you think this is over the top---then go download the PIL discography off the torrent, listen to it, and read the thoroughly SELF-DELUSIONAL Comments that Rotten gave with Segal! "This is the best band I've ever been in. I cannot wait to display that in America." Gods...'BLIND but you DO NOT KNOW THAT YOU CAN'T SEE!!!'
I saw PiL back in the day at the Granada Theatre in Chicago. They were very good. Bassist, Jah Wobble is extraordinarily gifted. Alas, he isn't touring with the current line-up. I recommend the "The Snake Charmer". It's a solo work by Wobble.
"Snake Charmer" (with no The) is a collaborative work by Holger Czukay, Wobble and The Edge. Try to know what you're talking about before posting.
"Open Up" is from 1993, not 1995.
I mistakenly went off the Leftism release date for "Open Up." We'll correct that. Thanks.
This is probably one of the best interviews Lydon has ever given; nicest too. Glad to see he's opening up, and your question are superb. Sure, I miss the days when he gave that interview to Musician and talked endlessly about his "piles" and accused the interviewer of thinking he was homosexual ("I am not a bum lover!"). This one makes me feel all warm and happy. Oh, Johnny. Thanks, Dave!
Why is it noteworthy that Lydon pronounces the name of his band "pill"? Is there some other way that people have been pronouncing it? "Pile"? "Pail"? "Rhododendron"?
Because many have been calling it "Pee Eye 'Ell" for years.
Well I'll be dipped. Seems like the pill-shaped logo would seem to indicate something about something.

Good interview, though.
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