The last year has, deservedly, been a big one for the local thrashers in Black Breath—they signed to Southern Lord (home of Pelican, Sunn O))), and Wolves in the Throne Room); flew to Salem, Massachusetts, to record their record with Kurt Ballou from Converge; received positive press from the lofty Vice magazine; and hold a very coveted spot as the opening band for a monthlong national tour with Converge and Coalesce. And two months ago, they released their debut full-length, Heavy Breathing, one of the most arresting and brutal records so far this year.

Heavy Breathing starts with "Black Sin (Spit on the Cross)," a song whose blistering metal guitar riff could make Dragon- force's collective jaw drop. "Eat the Witch" is downright maniacal—taunting with finger-tapping guitar, demented laughter, and doomy breakdowns—while the wicked guitar solo at the end of "Virus" sounds like something Slash would play on the heavier tracks of Appetite for Destruction.

Song after ear-mutilating song, the Seattle five-piece (featuring members of USS Horsewhip and Shook Ones) throw blasts of hardcore, thrash, and punk into their boiling pit of noise.

You can see Black Breath this Thursday, May 13, opening for Converge and Coalesce at Neumos. Lewd Acts are also on the bill, and while I don't dare suggest they could steal the show from the beloved headliners, they'll definitely give the old-schoolers a run for their money. Doors open at 7:00 p.m., and tickets are $15. Don't show up late.

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