We're gathered in a delightful old home (one whole wall in the kitchen is a chalkboard!) to celebrate the launch of the second volume of The Virgin Project, a comic book full of interviews with ordinary people about the first time they had sex. The creators of the comic, K.D. Boze and Stasia Kato, are wandering among the partyers, signing copies of their books and gratefully accepting praise from friends and strangers alike.

The praise is well-deserved; the second Virgin Project book is more expertly crafted than the first. Each account of sexual activity—with a German prostitute, with a Klingon at a Star Trek convention, being so high on mushrooms that you believe you're having gay sex with Bob Marley—is lovingly rendered, and the book is a fun, sexy read all the way through.

Artwork from the book is mounted on walls around the party, and all the cartoon sex on display turns the conversation groinward. "I came all the way from Wisconsin," a woman says. "I'd better be getting laid tonight." Partyers wander through conversations about vomit porn to get to the bottle of Ménage à Trois–brand wine. Someone informs us that her neighbors are level-three sex offenders. "They're actually great neighbors," she says. They're polite and respectful and quiet, except for one thing. They often throw late-night parties in the summertime. "I hate their bonfires," she says. The thought of a molester's bonfire party momentarily puts a damper on things, but then talk turns to hot tubs, and sexy has successfully been brought back. recommended

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