A-Trak: Kanye's DJ, won DMC championship at 15 to distract from having one leg slightly shorter than the other. (Sun, 8:40 pm, Rumpus Room)

Avi Buffalo: Twangy, teen-y indie rock that's built to chill. (Sun, 4:15 pm, Yeti Stage)


Band of Horses: In case you missed My Morning Jacket. (Mon, 6:40 pm, Main Stage)

Bobcat Goldthwait: Awwwouuaaawwllththttppppppttttackowwaaaa! (Mon, 3:15 pm, Rumpus Room)

Booka Shade: Sleek, tasteful, efficiently kinetic German techno. (Sun, 11:30 pm, Bigfoot Stage)

Boys Noize: Takes digitally distorted techno to dizzying new low-ends. The z is for zuzzzuzzuzuzuzuzzuzzuzzzzz. (Mon, 10 pm, Rumpus Room)

Brad: Won the coin toss with Tad to play Sasquatch! this year. (Sat, 3:20 pm, Main Stage)

Brent Weinbach: "The Inscrutable Mr. Eyebrows." (Sat, 2 pm, Rumpus Room)

recommendedBroken Social Scene: Fifteen proficient Canadian musicians singing about wheat. Forgive the new record. (Sat, 5:35 pm, Main Stage)

Brother Ali: Minneapolis rhymesayer spits about social injustice and domestic dramas over super-greasy soul and funk. (Sat, 1:10 pm, Main Stage)


recommendedCamera Obscura: Twee indie-pop for people who would like to flirt in a library and maybe touch (over the sweater!). (Mon, 6:50 pm, Bigfoot)

recommendedCaribou: PhD mathematician dips his psych-pop toes into Arthur Russell's downtown NYC dance waters, things go swimmingly. (Sun, 12:05 pm, Main Stage)

City and Colour: Does the Canadian prime minister have incriminating photos of Sasquatch! or something? (Sun, 4:45 pm, Bigfoot)

Craig Robinson: Darryl from The Office. (Mon, 4:30 pm, Rumpus Room)

Cymbals Eat Guitars: Expansive indie rock with more reach than grasp; the shouting and crescendos get kind of exhausting. (Sun, 3:40 pm, Bigfoot)


recommendedDam-Funk: Not pronounced as in "damn, funk!"—but it should be. (Sat, 8:40 pm, Rumpus Room)

Dawes: Dawes your weekend lack for middling acoustic rock? Well, dawes it? (Sat, noon, Bigfoot)

Deadmau5: Off-brand cartoon rodent takes E, develops appetite for progressive techno cheese. (Sat, 11:30 pm, Bigfoot)

Dinosaur Feathers: Brooklyn band with Animal Collective hallucinations and ominous tropical vibes. (Sun, noon, Yeti)

recommendedDirty Projectors: Ivy League guitar wiz shatters pop, R&B, indie, and Afro-pop CDs and makes dazzling mosaics from the shards. (Sun, 8:15 pm, Bigfoot)

Dr. Dog: Just an actual dog with a medical license. (Mon, 4:30 pm, Bigfoot)

Drive-By Truckers: The Hold Steady's Southern gothic drinkin' buddies. (Mon, 3 pm, Main Stage)


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: Ima Robot vocalist decides "Hey, now Ima Hippie!" (Sat, 4:05 pm, Bigfoot)


Fool's Gold: Sasquatch! Afro-beat band #345—this one sings in English and Hebrew. And Klingon. (Sat, 1:20 pm, Yeti)

Freelance Whales: Cutesy, rootsy indie rock that puts full-time whales out of good union jobs. (Sun, 5:20 pm, Yeti)

Fresh Espresso: Corniest-named rap act in Seattle, but with grind as fine as, well, you know. (Mon, 3 pm, Yeti)

Fruit Bats: One of the better specimens from Sub Pop's overflowing stable of baroque folk-pop; might give you Ebola. (Sun, 7:30 pm, Yeti)


Garfunkel & Oates: There's nothing funny about ukuleles. (Sat, 3:15 pm, Rumpus Room)

Girls: Actually a dude—possibly a time-traveling Elvis Costello in drag. (Sun, 7 pm, Bigfoot)


Hannibal Buress: Rhymes with "cannibal duress"—which is what you get waiting in line for a burrito at the Gorge, amirite? (Mon, 1 pm, Rumpus Room)

The Heavy: UK garage and blues revivalists—loud and unhinged, even if they add little to the canon they so studiously revere. (Mon, noon, Main Stage)

recommendedThe Hold Steady: New album is whatever, but they still provide the essential summer-festival party pit. (Sat, 7:30 pm, Bigfoot)

recommendedHudson Mohawke: Glossy, glitchy hiphop instrumentals from Glasgow, Scotland—heads will nod. (Mon, 7:30 pm, Rumpus Room)


Jaguar Love: The shorter, shriller half of the Blood Brothers—all hair spray and empty headbangs. (Mon, noon, Bigfoot)

Japandroids: Canadian duo reps the Japanther/Japancakes portmanteau community, reliably tears it up live. (Mon, 5:10 pm, Yeti)

Jets Overhead: Cruising-altitude, turbulence-free indie rock breaks no sound barriers; an in-flight film you could sleep through. (Sun, 2:05 pm, Yeti)


Kid Cudi: "Day 'n' Nite" reached eponymous levels of saturation; Man on the Moon couldn't quite lift off. (Sun, 4:25 pm, Main Stage)


Langhorne Slim: So named for being the fattest baby ever born in Langhorne, Pennsylvania—43 pounds, 10 ounces. (Sun, 12:30 pm, Bigfoot)

Laura Marling: Prodigiously talented young British folk singer, would rather you didn't say "wise beyond her years." (Sat, 12:50 pm, Bigfoot)

recommendedLCD Soundsystem: The smartest dance act alive, the hardest-rocking show on the road. (Sun, 7 pm, Main Stage)

Local Natives: Sasquatch! folky harmonizers #628—this one well put together and rollicking in just the right places. (Sun, 1:30 pm, Bigfoot)

The Lonely Forest: Anacortes kids make '90s-throwback, arena-eying alterna-rock with the daring and subtlety of Coldplay. (Sat, 5:40 pm, Yeti)

The Long Winters: Real-life Sasquatch John Roderick sings sweet ballads and cracks even better between-song banter. (Sun, 2:15 pm, Main Stage)

recommendedLuke Burbank: Founded the city of Burbank, California, in 1867; now hosts popular web-based radio program about himself. (Sun, 2 pm, Rumpus Room)


Martina Topley Bird: Tricky's Pre-Millennium trip-hop muse finds post-millennial R&B rather trickier. (Sun, 1 pm, Yeti)

recommendedMassive Attack: OG triphop collective return with a tame new album, but live up to their name live. Literally. They will attack you. (Sun, 10:15 pm, Main Stage)

Mayer Hawthorne: Motown-style soul so blue-eyed it's basically Fremen, only with less Spice. (Mon, 12:55 pm, Main Stage)

MGMT: Regrettably, the electro-rockers are taking acid—with flimsy, flaccid results. Consolations. (Mon, 8:05 pm, Main Stage)

recommendedThe Middle East: Spirited, cotton-soft folk from Australia—call it Fleet Dingoes, since foxes are an invasive species down there. (Sat, 3:30 pm, Yeti)

Midlake: Terminally sullen, interminably plodding acoustic rock with one great blog hit ("Roscoe") to their credit. (Sun, 1:10 pm, Main Stage)

Miike Snow: Swedish Britney Spears producers (they wrote "Toxic"!) pen a couple nice songs for themselves, plus a bunch of blah ones. (Sat, 6:20 pm, Bigfoot)

recommendedMike Birbiglia: Rhymes with "I like fur wigs, G. Duh." (Sun, 4:30 pm, Rumpus Room)

Minus the Bear: Beer-pong bros making BJ jokes as sensitive, fret-tapping, prog-noodling soft rock. (Sat, 2:15 pm, Main Stage)

Morning Teleportation: Jammy, back-porch indie rock championed by Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. (Sat, 12:15 pm, Yeti)

Moshe Kasher: Comedian and devout Mormon. (Sat, 1 pm, Rumpus Room)

recommendedThe Mountain Goats: A guy with an acoustic guitar singing heartfelt songs about the Bible—no, wait, come back! (Mon, 5:40 pm, Bigfoot)

Mumford & Sons: London folkies trade in shopworn acoustica, secondhand harmonies, salable dramatics. (Sat, 1:55 pm, Bigfoot)

My Morning Jacket: In case you can't stick around for Band of Horses. (Sat, 10 pm, Main Stage)


Nada Surf: Forget the, um, popular novelty song, take the achingly sweet balladry that began with Let Go. (Sat, 9 pm, Bigfoot)

The National: Dour, dapper, and dull indie rock. (Sat, 7 pm, Main Stage)

Neon Indian: Chillwave's great, Mountain Dew–sponsored hope. (Mon, 8:40 pm, Rumpus Room)

The New Pornographers: NPR donors and McSweeney's subscribers agree: the perfect pop band! (Mon, 8:20 pm, Bigfoot)

recommendedNo Age: Noisy punk duo drinks from the fountain of Sonic Youth, rocks teen fuzz forever. (Mon, 6:15 pm, Yeti)

Nurses: Freaky, sun-spotted folk; old-timey warble with modern effects. (Sat, 2:25 pm, Yeti)


OK Go: The funny guys from that YouTube thing you like! With songs or something! (Sat, 4:25 pm, Main Stage)


Passion Pit: Wispy, insubstantial synth-pop act gets all the love that Cut Copy should've. (Mon, 4:10 pm, Main Stage)

Past Lives: The odder, adventurous half of the Blood Brothers—all dark, dubby post-punk and pop dabbling. (Mon, 1 pm, Yeti)

Patrick Watson: Sasquatch! Canadian act #732—this one with a fey pop thing for Grizzly Bear and Where the Wild Things Are. (Sat, 4:35 pm, Yeti)

recommendedPatton Oswalt: The voice of television's Dora the Explorer. (Sat, 4:30 pm, Rumpus Room)

recommendedPavement: The arch-slackers of '90s indie-rock, reunited with a resounding "whatever" (grunge speak for: "FUUUUUUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS!") (Sun, 8:30 pm, Main Stage)

Phantogram: Passive attack. (Mon, 2 pm, Yeti)

Portugal. The Man: What's. the point. of your. stupid punctuation, you. boring band? (Sat, 3 pm, Bigfoot)

recommendedThe Posies: Seattle power-pop stalwarts, as sharp and sweet as ever. (Sat, 5:10 pm, Bigfoot)

recommendedPublic Enemy: Rabble-rousing hiphop luminaries are still unfuckwithable, even if their hypeman's a reality-TV jester. (Sun, 9:45 pm, Bigfoot)


Quasi: Sorta, semi-, more-or-less, almost, pretty much awesome garage-rock stalwarts. (Mon, 3:25 pm, Bigfoot)


Rob Riggle: That, sir, is a porn-star name. (Sun, 3:15 pm, Rumpus Room)

recommendedRory Scovel: Bearded cherub blends standup and improv and being a baby angel. (Sun, 1 pm, Rumpus Room)


Seattle Rock Orchestra: Some of Seattle's most accomplished orchestral musicians, playing with actual rocks. (Mon, 2:20 pm, Bigfoot)

recommendedShabazz Palaces: Regal and reclusive, Seattle's most outré hiphop auteur (Ish of Digable Planets) deconstructs rap and rebuilds it, banging beat by brainy bar. (Sat, 12:05 pm, Main Stage)

Shadow Shadow Shade: L.A. ensemble formerly known as Afternoons makes fuzzy, anthemic rock with big vocal harmonies. (Mon, noon, Yeti)

She & Him: The world's cutest elf ever, M. Ward, joins forces with prolific yet low-profile musician Zooey Deschanel. (Mon, 5:20 pm, Main Stage)

recommendedSimian Mobile Disco: Purveyors of audaciously huge techno-pop anthems—They! Are! Your! Friends! (Sun, 10 pm, Rumpus Room)


recommendedThe Tallest Man on Earth: Swedish frost-giant sings reedy country songs about love, loss, and the shortened life expectancy that accompanies gigantism. (Sun, 2:35 pm, Bigfoot)

Tegan and Sara: Identical twins make pop that doesn't quite need Canadian content rules to be radio-ready—also share psychic link, like Tomax and Xamot. (Sun, 5:35 pm, Main Stage)

Telekinesis: Drummer plays instruments—with his mind... by moving his hands—with his mind. (Mon, 4:05 pm, Yeti)

The Temper Trap: Soundtrack-friendly rock aims for U2-level soar, lands as stadium-sized bore. (Mon, 1:55 pm, Main Stage)

They Might Be Giants: Would like to have a few words with the Tallest Man on Earth. (Sun, 3:20 pm, Main Stage)

recommendedTodd Barry: One grumpy motherfucker. (Mon, 2 pm, Rumpus Room)

tUnE-yArDs: Odd, freak-folk ditties treat convention with the mild disdain it deserves. (Sun, 3:10 pm, Yeti)


recommendedVampire Weekend: Exquisitely mannered, effortlessly catchy indie-pop tales of acute class anxieties and romantic escapism. (Sat, 8:30 pm, Main Stage)

recommendedThe Very Best: Arguably the weekend's very best Afropop ensemble, without question the most African. (Sat, 7:30 pm, Rumpus Room)

recommendedVetiver: Devendra Banhart sideman Andy Cabic and crew's ambling, easygoing wooden-ships folk (as opposed to yacht rock). (Sun, 6:25 pm, Yeti)


Ween: Goofball-genre zeligs with deceptive chops, unafraid to ask, "Where the motherfuckin' cheese at?" (Mon, 9:30 pm, Main Stage)

recommendedWhy?: Omnivorous indie rock with wordy hiphop tics, tackling existential anxieties and prosaic frustrations with equal aplomb. (Sat, 6:45 pm, Yeti)


recommendedThe xx: Sonically intimate noir&b trio whose every minimalist melodic move and whispered duet yields massively resonating results. (Sun, 5:50 pm, Bigfoot)


recommendedYACHT: High-concept electro-pop duo melds new age optimism to new-wave cool, believes in ritual, magic, and triangles. (Sun, 7:30 pm, Rumpus Room)

Yes Giantess: Submissive macrophiliacs making facile, flaccid synth-pop irritations. (Mon, 1:05 pm, Bigfoot)


Z-Trip: Dexterous proto-mashup DJ with a taste for rap/rock blends; both legs the same length. (Sat, 10 pm, Rumpus Room)

recommended Recommended