If I have a regret about music this year, it's that I didn't get to write more about the online DJ mixes I listen to as much as anything. Mixes seem to exist in a lawless zone, critically speaking—everybody listens to them, but there's not much analysis. But they're as vital to my musical year as anything, so below I'm listing one favorite per month from this year. It's less a definitive ranking (which would be different) than a topographical survey.)

Shed, Fact Mix 116 (Jan 18): The ongoing techno-dubstep détente kicked the year off right with this long, dark tunnel of a set. www.mixcloud.com/FACTMixArchive/fact-mix-116-shed

Anja Schneider, Bodytonic Podcast 071 (Feb 23): A first-class introduction to deep house, with Moodymann setting the tone; it's amazing this wasn't released on CD. www.bodytonicmusic.com/podcasts/2010/feb/23/bodytonic-podcast-071-anja-schneider

Mike 2600, Minneapolis Mix (XLR8R Podcast 128) (March 18): My hometown in the mix, all over the place, a seriously good time—dig the Litters slamming into the Replacements, as well as (I cannot tell a lie) a Garrison Keillor drop-in. www.xlr8r.com/podcast/2010/03/mike-2600s-minneapolis-mix

Thomas Fehlmann, RA.202 (April 19): The Swiss techno godfather gets into squishy electro and funk, but keeps things firmly in his own camp. www.audiobeats.net/liveset?id=18281

Ikonika, XLR8R Podcast 136 (May 11): A London bass extravaganza, from one of its finest practitioners. www.xlr8r.com/podcast/2010/05/ikonika

Butter, dblive (June 6): From Deepbeep, a Brazilian techno website, comes this beautifully undulating set, heavy on Detroit names like Kyle Hall and Rick Wade, but with a shimmer of its own. www.deepbeep.com.br/db-live/dblive-butter

Steve Mizek, Curator's Cuts 09 (July 26): A writer for Little White Earbuds lays out a couple hours of recent favorites, climaxing in every conceivable way with Kelis's titanic "Acapella." www.littlewhiteearbuds.com/podcast/curators-cuts-09-steve-mizek

Greg Wilson, Big Chill (Aug 8): An hour of vintage disco edits that will not stop peaking, from a thunderous version of "Tomorrow Never Knows" that Apple should issue on vinyl to the churchified anguish of a dubbed-out version of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes' "The Love I Lost." www.soundcloud.com/gregwilson/big-chill-08-08-10-greg-wilson-live-mix

Scott Grooves, RA.225 (Sept 20): In two parts, a 90-minute cassette the Detroit house veteran had mixed of new 12-inches in 1993. Like coming home to someone you love. www.audiobeats.net/liveset?id=24748

Margaret Dygas, Fact Mix 197 (Oct 29): A Berlin DJ whose techno has a lot of give, but doesn't lay back. www.factmag­.com/2010/10/29/fact-mix-197-margaret-dygas

Matthewdavid, XLR8R Podcast 171 (Nov 2): Chillwave or no, this swampy mix exerts a real hold—not least when I realized that the unearthly sounding thing I was hearing was actually slowed-down Milli Vanilli. www.xlr8r.com/podcast/2010/11/matthewdavid

Orson, Wax Treatment Podcast #016 (Dec 13): Ten dubstep-and-friends tracks, mixed nicely together, that are obvious if you keep up, brand-new if you don't, and glorious listening either way. www.waxtreatment.de/podcast/016 recommended