Come, child, take my hand. (No-Catholic-Church-O.) There are shows aplenty a-comin' up this week, and let me—not your conscience—be your guide. Blog denizens and savvy remix connoisseurs will surely know the name the Hood Internet—the duo of ABX and STV SLV—well-regarded juxtaposers of popular and slightly-less-than-popular sounds; their trademark fusings of Lil' Wayne/Hot Chip/Lil' B/Gold Panda/R. Kelly/Shellac are pure smirky muso (h-word)-bait, and they want you at Nectar on January 13.

House of Cake's Nate Diggity Johnson is celebrating his 30th birthday at Nectar on January 15 in a charity event for the good folks at Sonicsgate (who are currently spreading the Seattle-needs-a-basketball-team gospel) that's not short on talent: Avatar Young Blaze, Eighty4 Fly, Dyme Def's Brainstorm, plus DJs Charma, PhoSho, Nphared, and hosts G-Prez and Gene Dexter. Speaking of Dyme Def, they just dropped a new jammy featuring Sportn' Life Records MC SK: "2 Step" is a woozy, greasy-faced champagne-drizzy clubber all about that drunken bop one gets in his step come the early-morning hours. Double-D are doing this to kick off their Pay Day campaign, where fans get new music and content every two weeks, like paychecks, get it? Get yours.

Well, Hidmo may be gone for the time being, but its community-tied posi-party politic lives on in the products of its hallowed halls. Example: JusMoni fills rooms and hearts with her Ready for Life LP. Catch Moni back at Chop Suey on January 15, opening up for Ethiopian-born, Grammy-nominated singer Wayna. You may be familiar with Wayna's terrific voice from the Kafa Beanz' excellent Andromeda: The Chronicles of Blackopia Volume 1 project from a few years back, the one that brother Gabriel Teodros was on. Teodros is hosting this show and will bring it along with DJ WD4D.

That same night down at Tacoma's Hell's Kitchen, you'll find the heady vapors of Humboldt County sons Potluck, as well as two-five-treyers Jay Barz, Partners in Crhyme, Island Trybe, Sawchosiz, and Strik & Krusal. This weededed event is so true to the leaf that possession of a medical marijuana card (your own, doofus) will net you a reduced cover as well as its own, uh, inherent benefits. Seattleites who miss Barz at that show can catch him on January 18 at Neumos (along with Irv Da Phenom, Neema, Portland's DJ Chill aka Chillest Illest, Tragedy—no, probably not Khadafi, yo—and Knothead) when he opens for Strange Music gunner Krizz Kaliko, who's repping that Kansas City, Missouri. Strange's penchant for Hot Topic Red Bull–rap is not my drink of choice, but damn do their fans love them, and I do respect anyone making their own lane. If you're just out there waiting to get picked up by the great BET-Worldstar Record Deal FEMA Copter so you never have to work again, well, you deserve all the success you find. recommended