Originally posted at 11:03 am. Bumped for more voting!

The time has come for you to pass judgment again, and decide which Slogger's haiku earns them the pair of tickets to Video Games Live.

The poll closes at 5pm today, winner will be announced tomorrow! All Slog polls are legally binding, of course.

Of the many delightful entries we received, these are the top five. Entries after the jump:

Sweaty palms grip tight
Manipulate my joystick
Metroid’s smoking hot

World domination
Disrupted by bed-bound wife
“Please, just one more turn.”

I have made my choice:
The screen is reality.
I am not a nerd.

So many hours
standing in my undershirt
calling out, “Zeldaaaa!”

Is Mario gay?
I think Bowser is a top
And Toad is a twink